A brief review of Yummly

What is Yummly

What is Yummly?

Yummly is known as a convenient app with parallel website which represents a great collection of recipes. The resource started in 2010 by cooking lovers. Though Yummly is a rather young and fresh representative of culinary networks, it has already gained a huge popularity and more than 15 million people visit it every month. Moreover, it turned out to be the fastest developing food resource in the internet. You can definitely find a lot of tasty thing here.

What makes Yummly different from Pinterest?

Yummly, as well as Pinterest gives you an opportunity to save recipes and follow links to websites of food bloggers. To my mind, the main distinction is that Pinterest storage a large amount of various topics and most of people just skip the articles, pin them and even do not visit websites. At the same time, Yummly possesses a food specificity with a community of people who really enjoy cooking. It has been made by food lovers for other food lovers, it promotes food blogs and to help people find any dish they want to prepare.

By the way, you will not meet any followers on Yummly so it is no need to worry that something or somebody will spoil your mood. You can completely drown yourself in searching and sharing simple or complicated recipes to your taste.

What is so attractive about Yummly?

You sure will find the desired recipe

The network is tooled with really handy searching system which is able to help you find the appropriate recipes by any holiday, diet, cuisine, allergy, nutrition, cooking time and so on - you will easily find the particular recipe that is not only quite correct, but also is definitely satisfying.

It is possible to save and upload recipes

By clicking the Yum button you can simply save your favourite recipes which you choose while looking through the pages of Yummly. Your Recipe Box will include the most appealing recipes of million varieties from all over the world. Moreover, you are free to connect to Facebook and share the recipes you like with your friends!

You can group recipes in collections

You have an opportunity to make collections of recipes; assort your favourite ones, enlarge the ammount of them, and call them quickly at the proper time. It looks like your personal compact online cookbook where you can right down any recipe and create a lot of collections. It’s so exciting! A cookbook of a single person may include absolutely contradictory topics storing at the same time both chocolate cakes collection and slimming diet one.

Choose recipes by products you have near at hand

There is no reason to go to the supermarket when you decide to prepare something tasty to eat. It is easy to find something you can make from what you currently have in your fridge! “With” and “without” filters will help you.

You can personalize a cookbook with your favourite recipes

Add Your Recipe tool is created for users to keep their own recipes on Yummly. You can also copy recipes from your favourite food blogs and websites to your recipe box with just one click of the Yummy Bookmarklet.

Subscribe to Yummly!

If you have a desire to learn new things and secrets of cooking, if you are searching for the best food network, so just create an account and begin yumming! Every time you see a recipe you want to use, click the yum button!


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