A pear pie with chocolate

It can not be too many good pies. They always come in handly when the desire to taste a good dessert is more than a number of products in a refrigerator. But who says that a pie has to be boring and banal, like apple or peach one. What if we approach the matter a little more creative, for example, adding our favorite chocolate and nuts, or better several sorts of nuts... well, okay, chocolate too, can be different, even with a filling, this dessert will be even better.


To start with, chop chocolate and pumpkin seeds finely (you can also add any nuts).

Cut a pear (or an apple) into half centimeter cubes.

Connect sugar and butter of room temperature in a bowl of a mixer.

Beat using a mixer for 3-4 minutes. Then add eggs.

Then add flour and baking powder.

Mix until smooth and add chocolate, a pear and pumpkin seeds.

Stir until smooth and spread the dough in the baking form. Lay a parchment on the bottom, and cover the sides of the form with the French shirt.

Bake the pie at 160 degrees (top-bottom) until tender.



Chocolate — 180 g

Pumpkin seeds — 60 g

Pear — 1 piece

Sugar — 150 g

Butter — 150 g

Eggs — 3 PCs

Flour — 150 g

Baking powder — 1 tsp


Baking Dessert

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