Erdbeerfest Strawberry Day In Germany

Erdbeerfest Strawberry Day In Germany

Every year at the end of May in the small German town of Oberkirch, located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, a very delicious and fun festival takes place - the Strawberry Festival (Erdbeerfest).

The largest wholesale strawberry market in Germany is located here, so it is not surprising that the festival of this tasty berry takes place in this city and has its history since 1999, when it was held for the first time. It starts on the last Saturday in May and lasts for two days.

Erdbeerfest Strawberry Day In Germany

Traditionally, the Strawberry Festival starts on Saturday morning with a speech by the mayor of Oberkirch, who welcomes the residents and guests of the city and announces the opening of the festival. Then, on many festival sites, there are fairs, presentations, workshops, tastings, concerts, fashion shows, dance shows, and theatrical performances.

The main events take place along the main road of the city, where cafes and restaurants are also located, which of course treat festival guests with all kinds of strawberry delicacies and dishes made from this berry. And also, according to tradition, each establishment delights its visitors with performances by various musical groups and performers who come here specifically for the festival.

Little festival guests will not get bored at this event either. A separate area is prepared for children here, where they can ride a carousel, try strawberry cakes and ice cream, and cook something together with a chef.

An integral part of the Strawberry Festival are free trips to the wholesale fruit market in Mittelbaden, where anyone can buy any amount of the most delicious and fresh strawberries - the culprit of the celebration. And the festival ends on Sunday with a big concert featuring invited musicians.

Every year, more and more tourists visit this festival, because the rich festival program, a huge amount of strawberries, and treats made from it - attract guests to Oberkirch not only from Germany but also from foreign tourists.