How to lose weight fast?

How to lose weight fast?

Fast weight loss usually takes considerable efforts and is not recommended for a long period of time because mentioned practice could be unhealthy. Health authorities typically recommend losing about one to two pounds a week because losing weight too quickly can be risky. Next tips will help to lose weight as quickly as possible without damage to oneís health.

Tracking exercise and diet

Apps for diet and physical exercise or pen-and-paper food journal help to track weight loss progress and are effective to manage weight. One should log every item that he eats and drinks each day as well as monitor his exercise. There is good correlation between weight loss and regularity of monitoring physical activity and food consumption.

Eating plenty of fiber

Plant-based carbohydrates can promote the feeling of fullness leading to weight loss and various health benefits. High-fiber foods include: whole-wheat flour, brown rice, oatmeal, seeds, legumes, nuts, as well as veggies and fruit. People who added more of mentioned products to their diet (without changing their usual dietary habits) lost almost as much weight as people who followed strict low-fat eating plan.

Practice mindful eating

This behavior supposes paying attention to how and where one eats food. Mindful eating can enable followers to maintain healthy weight and enjoy food they eat. Techniques for mindful food consumption include: eating without multitasking (watching movie, speaking over the phone), taking time to chew and taste food, choosing products that are healthy and full of nourishing nutrients.

Maintaining exercise routine, but donít overdo it

According to studies diet has strong effect on weight loss, while physical activity by itself appears to play much smaller role. Nevertheless, regular exercise can provide benefits during weight loss but severe and long work-outs are not necessary or advisable for getting slim as well as for good health.

What about severe calorie restriction?

CR diet is able to help adherents lose up to seven kilograms in three weeks. The diet includes significant calorie restriction, portion control, meal replacement shakes, exercise, and pre-weigh meal planning. Calorie restriction diet is helpful only for a short period of time because as soon as caloric intake is increased, weight loss will be cancelled. Mentioned diet can lead to a variety of health problems (depression, exhaustion, anorexia, etc).