photo: Sorrel Sauce

Sorrel Sauce

We offer you to replenish your cookbook with interesting sauce of sorrel. The basis for the sauce will be represented by fresh leaves of sorrel, known for its unusual taste and pleasant acidity. With the additional ingredients the severe acidity of these greens is smoothed out and the sauce gaines tender and creamy taste. The amount of ginger in the sauce can vary depending on your personal preferences, but in any case it needs to be noticeable. This sauce perfectly complements fish, pasta and meat dishes.


  • Sorrel
    - to taste
  • Cream
    140 ml
  • Meat broth
    320 ml
  • Flour
    250 g
  • Dry ground ginger
    1 tsp
  • Parsley
    - to taste
  • Butter
    30 g
  • Salt
    1 pinch


  • 1. Clear the leaves of sorrel from dense stalks, sifting out the damaged leaves at the same time. Then rinse the leaves, eliminating the dust, dry it completely by woven towel, spread them in one layer.
  • 2. Chop sorrel with a knife.
  • 3. Set the pan on a hot plate, melt a piece of butter
  • 4. Throw a portion of flour in melted butter, fry it until the light yellow color vigorously stirring(for about 2 minutes).
  • 5. Then load the chopped sorrel evenly around the perimeter of the pan. Sauté sorrel for another 2 minutes, and during this period, it will become softer and change its color.
  • 6. Gently pour broth into the pan. For the sauce to turn out lower in fat, it is better to use chicken broth.
  • 7. Then throw a little ground ginger into the mix, season it with salt and pepper. Rinse and chop parsley, add it to the remaining components.
  • 8. In conclusion, download a specified amount of thick cream, stir thoroughly, dissolving the sour cream in a liquid base as much as possible.
  • 9. When all the components are thrown into the pan, simmer the ingredients on a small heat under a lid for about 5 minutes.
  • 10. Cool the mass slightly, pour it into a deep bowl, whisk by an immersion blender until homogeneous sauce.
  • 11. ill a special gravy boat with ready sauce.
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