photo: Cheesy Chicken Cutlets

Cheesy Chicken Cutlets

There are many variations of making cutlets, including chicken ones.


  • Chicken
    800 g
  • Cheese
    100 g
  • Garlic
    3 clove
  • Flour
    3 tbsp
  • Egg
    2 pcs
  • Salt
    - to taste
  • Seasoning for chicken
    0,5 tsp
  • Ground black pepper
    0,5 tsp
  • Refined oil
    150 ml
  • Parsley
    - to taste


  • 1. Wah chicken breast and dry it with paper towels. Cut off the fillet and strip it from the film and grease. Cut meat into small cubes and put it in a deep bowl.
  • 2. Drive two eggs in, mix the ingredients.
  • 3. Grate processed cheese on a coarse grater.
  • 4. Add shredded cheese to meat stuffing.
  • 5. Add salt mixture. Add black pepper and seasoning for chicken for flavor and zesty taste. Peel and wash garlic cloves. Skip it through the press and add into the minced meat for cutlets.
  • 6. Wash parsley, drain it from water and chop finely. Add it to the mixture.
  • 7. The last thing we add to the minced meat is wheat flour. It will help to make the mixture more dense, and cutlets to keep their shape during roasting.
  • 8. Now mix the mince for cutlets thoroughly for all the ingredients to come together, and the mixture to became homogeneous.
  • 9. Heat up the pan with vegetable oil. Using a tablespoon put the meat into the pan, forming round patties of equal size. Try not to make them too thick, they could not fry through.
  • 10. When the cutlets become brown on one side, flip them with a spatula and continue to cook over medium heat until tender.
  • 11. Put the ready chopped cutlets of chicken on a plate with paper towels to get rid of excess oil.
  • 12. Serve the cutlets hot. As a side dish it is suitable to serve porridge, pasta, vegetable puree. Fresh or pickled vegetables, homemade pickles go well with these meatballs too.
    Bon appetit!