photo: Pineapple Chicken

Pineapple Chicken

I think that almost everyone has prepared chicken with pineapple at least once in a life. But today I offer you a new interesting variant that is not like a traditional recipe in its method of preparation and in taste. The meat turns out very juicy, with a spicy hint of sweetness. The sweetness of pineapples is interspersed with fragrant fried vegetables, making the taste pleasant and balanced. By the way, you can use fresh pineapple. In this case, add a pinch of sugar to achieve the necessary harmony of flavors.


  • Chicken thigh
    6 pcs
  • Dry garlic
    1 tsp
  • Ground black pepper
    1 tsp
  • Oregano
    1 tsp
  • Thyme
    1 tsp
  • Salt
    1 tsp
  • Vegetable oil
    100 ml
  • Onion
    1 pcs
  • Garlic
    3 clove
  • Canned pineapple
    200 g
  • Liquid honey
    1 tbsp
  • Pineapple juice
    200 ml
  • Parsley
    - to taste


  • 1. Combine salt and all the spices in a deep dish : dried garlic, paprika, oregano, thyme and black pepper. Pour 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil in the spice mixture (we need the rest for roasting) and mix.
  • 2. Wash chicken and dry it with paper napkins from excess moisture. Rub chicken thighs with a mixture of spices and oil on all sides. Leave the meat for 30 minutes to marinate, or even longer if you have time.
  • 3. Pour the remaining vegetable oil without smell into the pan. Put the pan on fire and let oil warm properly. Then put it to the chicken thighs and fry them until golden brown on both sides. I have a small frying pan, so I cook the meat pieces by parts.
  • 4. Then place fried chicken in an ovenproof baking dish, I have ceramic.
  • 5. Peel an onion and cut it into cubes of medium size. Peel garlic cloves and cut them in slices.
  • 6. Pour the chopped vegetables into the pan in which we were cooking meat. Fry the onion and garlic in butter and meat juice for a few minutes for them to become golden.
  • 7. Cut canned pineapple into pieces. You can use canned, in which the fruit is already chopped, it is very convenient and saves the cooking time.
  • 8. Add chopped pineapple to the fried vegetables.
  • 9. Then add honey. You can use any variety of honey that you like.
  • 10. Heat the ingredients together for two minutes, then fill them with pineapple juice.
  • 11. Let the juice boil and remove the pan from heat. Fill the fried chicken with the ready sause for it to cover the meat evenly.
  • 12. Put the baking dish in a preheated up to 200 degrees oven and bake the meat in pineapple sauce for 45-50 minutes. Check the readiness of the meat by sticking it by the knife blade. If the chicken gives clear juice, it is ready.
  • 13. Serve the dish garnished with rice or couscous.
    Bon appetit!