photo: A burger that can bring one to madness

A burger that can bring one to madness

Some people have completely forgotten the taste of a real burger, others simplify the recipe too much, making it worse than in McDonalds. Lets make a burger honestly! Crispy sweet bun, fresh vegetables and greens, firm cucumbers and a hot juicy cutlet which is much better than any steak with a sweet onion on the top that perfectly set off the spiciness of chili. Very simple, very fast, very natural, just really perfect!


  • Bun
    1-2 pcs
  • Sweet onion
    200 g
  • Chili pepper
    2 pcs
  • Bbq sauce
    1 tbsp
  • Minced beef
    250 g
  • Minced pork
    250 g
  • Egg
    1 pcs
  • Bread crumbs
    2 tbsp
  • Salt
    - to taste
  • Black pepper
    - to taste


  • 1. Cut onions into large half-rings, with thickness from 6 to 12 mm. It is better to take a sweet onion, because thats the very taste we need in the end.
  • 2. Heat the pan, pour olive oil. Then reduce the heat and begin to fry onions. Fry it until it is caramelized, that is, bring it to a very good brown condition.
  • 3. While the onions are frying, chop several hot chili peppers (about 7 cm in length). Friendly speaking, you can take any hot pepper (jalapeno, for example), or even garlic.
  • 4. Now combine beef and pork mince in a bowl . Firstly, we will get a more complex flavor and fragrance of a cutlet, it will be juicier, softer and more esthetic in appearance (not so dark). To sum it up, we will get an insistence of synergy in a simple burger.
  • 5. Then add a couple of tablespoons of breadcrumbs. It is ideal to use Japanese ones for tempura, they are softer and easier to work with. Then add one egg, a chopped chilli and a tablespoon of spicy tomato sauce (it can be ketchup or 1 tsp of Tabasco).
  • 6. Mix everything finely and then form a cutlet with wet hands (so meat will not stick). You should get a cutlet 16х3 or a couple of them of a 8x2,5 size. In any case, we need to get a good thick chop.
  • 7. If you want to get a little piquant taste, add 2 tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese, of a quality parmesan.
  • 8. Slightly press the cutlet in the center, this will prevent the deformation during the heat treatment. Generously sprinkle it with salt and pepper on both sides. Then put it in a freezer for 5 minutes so it was be easier to work with.
  • 9. At this time, prepare the bun, slice it into halves.
  • 10. Now the onions are ready and we pour 1-2 tbsp of white wine vinegar. It is perfect here! If you dont have this venegar, take a red wine one or a regular apple (6%). No other alternatives exist.
  • 11. Heat a pan or a grill. Start frying the meat. With a thickness of 3 cm, it wil take 3 minutes to fry the cutlet on each side. There is no need to flip it every minute, just watch the sides and as soon as they acquire a colour from the bottom to the middle, turn the cutlet upside down.
  • 12. Dont forget to fry the shears of the buns, it will help to keep the juiciness inside and not to soak the bun. This way we will get an extra crunch.
  • 13. Dont forget to melt cheddar cheese (100 g) putting it on a hot cutlet.
  • 14. Then simply assemble the burger: lettuce (or arugula), a couple of slices of fresh tomato, the cutlet, a large armful of onions, and of course, crispy pickling cucumbers.
  • 15. The meat will be so juicy!
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