photo: Quick plum pie

Quick plum pie

Plum season has become, so every housewife must bake flavory and delicious pie with them. The dough is tender and beaten with a pleasant slightly sour taste of plums. By the way, you can use other fruit and berries except plums to make a pie. It will also be tasty and beautiful. The main thing is not to put a lot of stuffing, otherwise there will be a lot of liquid and the pie will be wet and can get poorly baked.


  • Flour
    120 g
  • Butter
    60 g
  • Sugar
    110 g
  • Pasteurized milk
    100 ml
  • Egg
    1 pcs
  • Dough loosener
    1 tsp
  • Plum
    4 pcs


  • 1. Mix caster sugar and well-softened butter in a bowl. Blend the mixture until airy one.
  • 2. Then add one egg into the mixture.
  • 3. Go on blending until smooth.
  • 4. Now add sieved wheat flour mixed with the dough loosener.
  • 5. Mix the dough thoroughly. Heat the milk a bit. It must be warm not hot. Pour it in the dough.
  • 6. Mix the dough until homogenous consistency. On consistency it must be like the dough for muffins. If necessary you can add some flour if the dough is liquid or a few spoons of milk if it is too stiff.
  • 7. Butter the heatproof sheet of 14-16 cm and season it with the flour. Pour the dough into it, level it with silicone turner. Arrange stoned half plums with cuts down.
  • 8. lace the pie into the oven on the medium stage for 30-35 minutes at the heat of 1800. Check its readiness with the sword pick. If it is clean after being taken out of the pie, it is done. Cool it down a little bit and then place it on the dish.
  • 9. Season the pie with sugar powder using the sieve.
  • 10. Serve it to tea or coffee. You can also put one ball of vanilla ice-cream.
    Enjoy your meal!
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