photo: Apple Plum Galette

Apple Plum Galette

It is incredibly tasty pastry which you want to cook again and again - apple plum galette. The shortcrust becomes firm after baking but remains tender and crispy. You can use pears or peaches, fresh or frozen berries for stuffing.


  • Flour
    285 g
  • Sugar
    4 tbsp
  • Salt
    0,25 tsp
  • Butter
    180+20 g
  • Water
    100 ml
  • Apple
    1 pcs
  • Plum
    3 pcs
  • Powdered sugar
    2 tbsp


  • 1. For the tart we prepare shortcrust. In a bowl sieve some wheat flour. Add salt and sugar powder. Whisk ingredients to combine them.
  • 2. Pour dry mixture on the cooking surface. Cut butter into small pieces. Add one third to the mixture.
  • 3. Cut butter with the knife to get small crumbles mixing it into the flour. Then add a little more butter and continue cutting ingredients into crumbles.
  • 4. This way add all 180 grams of butter into the dough. Pour crumbles into a bowl.
  • 5. Add a few spoons of ice water and mix the dough quickly. Dont beat the dough, just combine the ingredients in one mixture.
  • 6. Then pour remained water and quickly round the dough into a ball. The dough for the tart won’t be smooth enough.
  • 7. Place it into the plastic bag or wrap with the cling film. Leave shortcrust for the tart for night. Its important to do for the right dough texture.
  • 8. Cut the dough half and you will get two tarts. On the strewed cooking surface roll the half of the dough in the circle 30 cm in diameter. The tart crust must be 3 mm thick. Cut the ends with the knife to make them even.
  • 9. Slice apple, remove stones out of plums and dice them.
  • 10. Mix half tablespoon of flour and sugar. Season it over the dough leaving ends free. Place fruit above.
  • 11. Roll the ends of the tart.
  • 12. Melt 20 grams of butter and put it on the top of the tart to make it golden brown. You can season sugar powder over it
  • 13. Place it into pre-heated oven up to 200. In 10 minutes lower the temperature till 180 and continue baking the tart for 15-20 minutes more. When the dough is golden brown, take it out from the oven and cool it down. Bake the second tart the same way.
    Enjoy your meal!