photo: Pineapple Souffle Cake

Pineapple Souffle Cake

Savoury cake with tender yoghurt souffle and tinned pineapples will become a great accompaniment to your festive table. Airy biscuits, refreshing souffle with some pieces of jelly and fruit and tender chocolate ganache over it - what can be more delicious? Its easy to cook. The only thing is that the souffle and ganache must be cooled down and stiffen properly.

280 min
10 servings
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  • Jello
    - to taste
  • Flour
    120 g
  • Cocoa powder
    20 g
  • Vanillin
    1 g
  • Egg
    4 pcs
  • Sugar
    280 g
  • Refined oil
    30 ml
  • Sour cream
    250 g
  • Natural yoghurt
    200 ml
  • Gelatine
    15 g
  • Water
    200+60 ml
  • Tinned pineapple
    540 g
  • Dark chocolate
    100 g
  • Cream
    100 ml


  • 1. First lets cook jelly. Combine it with 200 ml of hot water and mix it thoroughly to make gelatine dissolve. Then pour jelly into a dry bowl, cover it with some cling film and place it into the fridge to stiffen.
  • 2. Now lets cook a biscuit. In a bowl combine some sieved wheat flour, cocoa powder and vanillin. Whisk the mixture until smooth.

  • 3. In a bowl combine 4 eggs and some sugar. Whisk the mixture for 10 minutes to make it increase and get light.
  • 4. Keep on whisking, pour melted butter into the egg mixture.

  • 5. The same way trickle boiling hot water into the dough.
  • 6. Add the mixture of flour and cocoa into the dough in two stages.
  • 7. Mix ingredients carefully to get bold smooth dough.
  • 8. Butter the baking tin of 22 cm in diameter and strew it with some flour. Pour the dough for the crust and even it with a spatula.
  • 9. Bake the crust at 400 °F for 20-25 minutes until readiness.
  • 10. Completely cool it down in the baking tin, after put it on the cutting board and even it, cut its top off.
  • 11. For souffle combine sugar, sour cream and yoghurt in a bowl. Beat all ingredients with the mixer until smooth.
  • 12. Add gelatine to 60 ml of cold water. Mix it and leave for 10 minutes to draw and swell. Then melt jelly double-boiling it and add it to the souffle.
  • 13. Dice kiwi jelly and half of tinned pineapples.
  • 14. Add them to souffle and mix carefully.
  • 15. Cover the sides of a cake hoop 22 cm in diameter with the acetate film. Put ready - made cooled crust on the bottom. Soak it with the juice from tinned pineapples. Place semi-rings of pineapple all around the cooking tin as in the picture.
  • 16. Put yoghurt souffle inside, even it with a spatula and place it into the fridge for 2 hours to make souffle stiffen.
  • 17. Lets cook ganache. Chop some chocolate with the knife into small pieces and pour it over with hot cream. Mix ingredients to make chocolate melt and combine with the cream.
  • 18. Pour the cake with the rest ganache and place it into the fridge to make it stiffen.
  • 19. Take out ready-made cake from the cake hoop, slice it and serve to some tea or coffee. Bon appetit!

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