photo: Strawberry tiramisu

Strawberry tiramisu

Tiramisu is a famous Italian recipe. The word tiramisu is translated as «Lift me up!». Thats right — the dessert comes out very airy and delicate. Just taste it and you will feel like flying in the clouds. It is a controversial question in what parts of Italy and when this dessert was invented, and what the original recipe is. Some people even say that the Tiramisu (not the name, but the recipe) was a famous French dessert centuries ago. As it often happens to the popular recipes, it is almost impossible to find the «true» original one. And it is unlikely to be worth trying — you can only try different recipes and choose your favoutite one. Today we will prepare one of the many recipes for Tiramisu: with strawberries.


  • Savoiardi biscuits
    200 g
  • Orange juice
    100 ml
  • Sugar
    90 g
  • Lemon juice
    - to taste
  • Mascarpone
    250 g
  • Strawberry
    400 g
  • Orange liqueur
    60 ml
  • Egg white
    2 pcs
  • Egg yolks
    2 pcs


  • 1. To start with lets make sauce: mix orange juice, liqueur (you can take any alcohol, which seems logical), strawberries (slightly cut them to simplify the work) in a blender and bring these all to a liquid pure condition. Why do we use an orange juice there? To shade the taste of strawberries and to have a not too sugary dessert on the way out. Tiramisu is well known for its contrasts (bitter coffee, sweet cream).
  • 2. The dipping sauce is ready, lets make cream. Mix egg whites with 45 grams of sugar and lemon juice. Whisk until stiff peaks (like for meringue). Pay special attention to the "purity" of whites. If they contain yolks or other fat — they will not get whipped. The only way to save the situation will be to begin anew. Be careful.
  • 3. Prepare egg yolks in a separate bowl. Mix with sugar thoroughly and beat until white. Add gradually Mascarpone mashed with a spatula. Put a little, stir with a spatula, then repeat. It is not necessary to be zealous.
  • 4. When you get the homogeneous mass enter the whites. Again by parts, again gently, until airy homogeneous mixture.
  • 5. Begin to assemble Tiramisu. There are two most common ways of cooking: in individual cups or in a large form (pieces from which are to be cut out later). For clarity, we will use the second method. We will use a large form (for example a container). Lightly coat the bottom with the cream. Now dip the cookies into the sauce for several seconds, turn them for a a couple of seconds and put on the cream. Here you need to decide — if you like a little more delicate desserts — leave the cookies immersed in the sauce for 5-8 seconds. If you love the texture, leave them for 2 seconds and then remove. This way spread out the first layer of biscuits.
  • 6. 6. When the layer is ready, spread the cream on the top. The thickness of the layers should be practically equal, that is, a layer of cream should have the same height as biscuits have. Evenly distribute the cream and repeat the process with the biscuits and cream again. It has become a tradition to make Tiramisu 2x2. If you make it in cups — the number of layers will depend on their height (it can consist of 6 or even more layers there).
  • 7. Cover the container with a lid or a foil (to avoid the drying of the upper layer), or with strawberry slices.
  • 8. 8. Let the cookies soak and the cream solidify for 4 hours. Serve cutting out pieces of Tiramisu from the form and removing them with a spatula. Or you can just cook it in a beautiful form and eat with spoons together.
  • 9. Bon appetit!