photo: Lemon cake (no bake)

Lemon cake (no bake)

This week we have a lemon cake with no bake. Lemon Kurdish is a filling here, it is such cream, which is very often met in confectionary. The recipe is to my taste, if you are afraid of excessive «lemonity», replace three lemons with two large oranges and three limes. Ingredients are so simple that you can cook a cake without leaving your home.


  • Cookies
    300 g
  • Butter
    250 g
  • Lemon
    6 pcs
  • Sugar
    300 g
  • Egg
    6 pcs
  • Starch
    1 tbsp


  • 1. At first, cook the basis, it is also often used in cheesecakes and other desserts. Try it and then you will find many other own ways to use it. In a blender grind any cookies you like most of all (with nuts, oatmeal, ginger, chocolate). If you do not have blender – just put cookies in a packet and hit them with beater to the state of small crumbs.
  • 2. Melt 150 g of butter over low heat. It is not difficult to guess that for the basis we will need 2:1 of cookies and butter.
  • 3. Pour the butter into the cookies, then mix them well and fill in the mold with this mixture. The mold should be separate or with removable bottom. You cannot pull the cake out otherwise. There is a little secret. At first, form the sides of the future cake (2-3 cm high) and then form the bottom with remained mixture. To make a good foundation, use the bottom of the mug or a cup.
  • 4. Put the mold into the fridge and begin to cook the filling – it is a lemon Kurdish. Pour 300 g of sugar in a cup and add peels of all lemons. You need only yellow part of peels, white part will bitter very much .
  • 5. Squeeze the juice from all lemons (oranges, limes) and add to the sugar.
  • 6. In a saucepan, break the eggs, mix them and sieve the remained lemon-sugar mixture. Mix everything well and put on medium fire.
  • 7. Add 100 g of butter there and stirring constantly bring it to a boil. As soon as first large bubbles begin to appear mix it more carefully, the Kurdish will start to thicken very quick and encase a shoulder blade, here you can add a tablespoon of starch (mix in the glass 1 tablespoon of starch and the same of water) to make it thicker. Remove immediately from fire, let it cool down a bit and pour into the chilled cookie base. When the filling cool down to a room temperature – put it into the fridge for 4 hours, but better for night.
  • 8. The cake turns out to be very rich and here the chocolate biscuits just play a contrast. You can change the recipe using limes instead of lemons and ginger cookies – you will get an absolutely taste. If you want to get more sustainable basis – add gelatin while cooking (follow the instruction on the package).

    Bon appetit!