photo: Chinese cookies with predictions

Chinese cookies with predictions

The fourteenth of February is very soon, it is Saint Valentine’s Day, day of lovers and just a good reason to please your beloved or people who you like. A simple truth is that the best gift is the one which you have made yourself. I guess it is so, especially if you are a jeweler man. If you are not, here is a good and quick way to please your lovers – it is Chinese cookies with predictions. There is a theory to claim that Americans were those who actually invented them, and Chinese restaurants and cafes just jumped at this national idea. Someone believes that the birthplace of fortune cookies is Japan. But what is the point? The main thing is to catch two birds with one stone - it is to feed tasty and cheer up.


  • Butter
    60 g
  • Whole wheat flour
    100 g
  • Powdered sugar
    150 g
  • Protein
    125 g
  • Cinnamon
    1 tbsp


  • 1. First of all, melt butter in a saucepan and let it cool down. The easiest step is to cut the butter into cubes and heat in a saucepan for a short while. But do not wait for a complete dissolution, warm butter will melt left small pieces itself and cool down faster.
  • 2. Sift flour and powdered sugar through in a bowl.
  • 3. Add 125 g of protein. If you do not have scales, than take three big eggs or four medium eggs.
  • 4. Then add butter.
  • 5. Mix all ingredients well. At first, the dough will be thick and crumbly, but then it will become smooth.
  • 6. When the dough is smooth, add spices. Now you may not limit yourself with cinnamon. Someone adds “five Chinese spices”, others add vanilla or all the rest of it. Here you can also add food grade dye if you particularly want to please everyone with the red hearts, for example.
  • 7. Then everything is easy, put the dough with a spoon and level with a very thin layer of pancakes about 8-10 cm in diameter. Here you need to adapt to both the thickness and the evenness. Use round rings as templates.
  • 8. Do not make many pancakes at once; two ones are enough for the beginning. They freeze and harden really fast; you may have the lack of time to form them. Bake at 180 degrees. Baking time is determined visually - the edges of the pastry should be ruddy. Then take off pancakes, put inside them a note and fold in half.
  • 9. And now it is the most interesting part. Even some Chinese establishments do not do the next step (folding pastry wrong way). All you need is to wrap a neck of a mug or a glass with a folded side of a pastry. As many of you asked to clarify – so take care of your fingers because biscuits are very hot!
  • 10. That is the exact way how to make your cookies bizarre (they look a bit similar to hearts) and your note will not be seen until you break the pastry. If your biscuits move apart – put them in a mug or in small glasses (sides will restrain the cookies from unfolding).
  • 11. The main moment is that at first it may seem to you that cookies are too soft (usually the edges harden quickly, but the rest of the surface is soft). But in an hour everything will be fine. You will get fragrant, crispy shell. Such biscuits can easily stay for a couple of days.
  • 12. It is your decision what to write in the note. It may be aphorisms, words of gratitude to relatives, important words or even proposal!