photo: Parfait with coffee taste

Parfait with coffee taste

I will share with you a recipe of a delicious dessert which I found in Marta Stuart’s book. I saw this recipe while flipping through pages, looking for something interesting and fast in cooking. To tell you the truth, I do not really like ricotta in its pure form as it is too sour. Parfait is a cold dessert. It is cooked with cream whipped with sugar and vanilla, and then frozen in a metal mold. Sometimes whipped eggs are added as well. Initially, parfait is a French cuisine dish. Besides French one, culinary experts cook American parfait in which they add an ice cream and other ingredients. However, you should always try something new before refusing from it.


  • Ricotta cheese
    300 g
  • Sugar
    4 tbsp
  • Coffee
    2 tbsp


  • 1. Composition is as simple as a process of cooking. Mix sugar, ricotta and instant coffee in a blender cup for long time. At first it may seem to you that sugar is not dissolved at all. So, do not stop mixing it until grains are finally dissolved in the cup.
  • 2. Pour prepared mass in molds and put into the fridge for an hour or an hour and a half. Marta recommends to serve dessert with crumbled amaretti cookies bit I decided to do a chocolate feast and sprinkled with crumbs of a dark chocolate.
  • 3. The dessert turned out to be unexpected. I thought it would be something curd, similar to mousse. But everything went wrong, dessert is airy and at the same time more liquid that is very good in combination with a coffee taste. You should definitely try it. I have not met such a rich coffee aroma for long time.