photo: Black pasta with a white bechamel sauce and mushrooms

Black pasta with a white bechamel sauce and mushrooms

Well done, Italians, for creating pasta. And then the whole world created many sauces and fillings for it. Everyone who likes cooking tasty know that there is nothing better than to get into the basics and bases, and already on the basis of them complicate and expand the recipe. One of the most popular and base sauces is béchamel that is easy to cook as it is done with a “homemade” ingredients. Any pasta is delicious with this sauce and its cream texture complicates a dish, that is exactly what makes this dish almost as a restaurant one. When you learnt about béchamel, it is time to cook it. I like combination of white sauce with mushrooms and cheese. If you take a piece of common cheese and the same piece of a blue one – that is exactly what you need. You may fry mushrooms, add pinch of nutmeg, cinnamon, and probably acute cayenne. Experiment as many times as you want, base recipes are made just for it.


  • Pasta
    200 g
  • Mushroom
    6 pcs
  • Butter
    25 g
  • Whole wheat flour
    25 g
  • Milk
    300 ml
  • Cheese
    30 g


  • 1. Put pasta (200 g) to boil. Pasta is delicious only when it is not completely boiled, al-dente. Usually, I boil it for 1 minute less time than in instructions on the package. But anyway try it during the process of cooking. Always remember 1110 rule – put 10 g of salt and a liter of water for 100 g of pasta.
  • 2. Cut mushrooms (5-6 pcs) for thick slices. Then fry them in butter till it is prepared.
  • 3. What is interesting: Béchamel (French béchamel) – is a base sauce based on ru (a heat-treated mixture of flour and fat, is used as a thickener) and milk.
  • 4. Take saucepan with a thick bottom, what we need is to not let it cool down right at the moment when we add cold milk. And add there a cube of butter (25 g) and flour (25 g).
  • 5. Heat on the big fire and mix the mixture with a shovel. It must be homogeneous mass that will slip a little.
  • 6. At this moment pour the first portion of three ones in. I take a bit more milk (300 g). So, pour in 100 g and mix with a whisk. Do it constantly to get rid of lumps.
  • 7. Once the sauce has grasped, pour in another portion of milk (100 g). Look at the photos, there are no lumps, the sauce is thick. Again, stir with whisk constantly, as if whipping mass. As soon as the sauce has started to thicken again – pour in the third portion of milk (100 g).
  • 8. Now mix with whisk until sauce fully covers spoon backside. Do not forget that sauce will be thickening even more while cooling down so you should remove from the plate slightly more liquid sauce than you want to see in the pasta. It often happens that you did not keep an eye or did not have enough time and the sauce thickened quickly. Then pour in more milk small portions and mix with whist.
  • 9. It is better to pour sauce in another tare (so that it is not heating in a saucepan). If you will wait for some time until serving – cover up with a film so that it touches the surface of the sauce. We do this to not let a crust form.
  • 10. Special aesthetes can add grated Parmesan or pieces of Dore Blue. The sauce will be more voluminous and charismatic.
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