photo: A pear with apples, mozzarella in breaded and mint

A pear with apples, mozzarella in breaded and mint

I love a combination of slightly-flavored fruit with cheeses, sauces and fresh mint. This dish is good as both a final dessert and starter snack, and universal recipes in stock is always an advantage.


  • Pear
    1 pcs
  • Apple
    1 pcs
  • Mozzarella cheese
    1 pcs
  • Mint
    - to taste
  • Bread crumbs
    3 tbsp
  • Parmesan cheese
    1 tbsp
  • Whole wheat flour
    1 tbsp
  • Egg
    1 pcs


  • 1. Grate a little parmesan on a fine grater, just a spoon and a half.
  • 2. Cut pear top off, it is good for decorations. Left piece clean from ossicles, it is very convenient to do it with a special device. Then slice it for 6-7 mm pieces. Do the same with an apple (but here you do need the top).
  • 3. Fry slices in olive oil for 1-2 minutes for each side. We do not need a super crust; fruits should be just softened.
  • 4. Prepare a breading in a bowl: mix flour, crumbs, pepper, parmesan and an egg. If you want, add sugar, hot pepper, salt, cinnamon.
  • 5. Slice mozzarella (take white cheese in balls) and cover slices with breading from both sides.
  • 6. Fry each side in olive oil to the crust. Mozzarella will start melting well.
  • 7. And now it is time to create a pinnacle: apple, pear, mozzarella, mint and basil, then repeat again. Decorate an apex with a pear top.
  • 8. It is perfect to serve it warm because mozzarella will stretch in threads (like in pizza). On the other hand, dessert will be delicious in a cold variant. It can be also served with an ice cream ball. The taste is excellent. If do not like fresh apples and pears, then just slightly primed will be for you.