photo: Chocolate clafuti with cherry

Chocolate clafuti with cherry

At times, you want quick and tasty dessert. Sometimes for yourselves, sometimes for unexpected guests. Clafuti is one of such deserts. Today in the morning I woke up and thought that I wanted something easy, juicy and unusual. I have lost 10 minutes for preparation (and about 30-40 for baking), and I got great, quite spring dessert. Clafuti (French clafoutis, from clafir – to fill) – is a French dessert that combines the features of a casserole and a pie. It is prepared very fast and it has magic taste.


  • Lemon zest
    1 pcs
  • Egg
    3 pcs
  • Whole wheat flour
    80 g
  • Cocoa powder
    50 g
  • Sugar
    120 g
  • Milk
    300 ml
  • Cherry
    100 g


  • 1. The hardest part here is to prepare lemon zest or lime one. Use grater for this.
  • 2. Pour into a deep cup. Then add all the other ingredients in any order: flour, cocoa, eggs, sugar, milk.
  • 3. Mix everything well with a mixer. Get a very liquid, so-called, pancake batter – but do not be scared, it should be like this.
  • 4. Lubricate a small mold with oil (I have 16 cm).
  • 5. Fold cherry carefully at the bottom. Of course, you can use any berries or fruits, fresh or frozen. If you take frozen – let them thaw and drain excess juice, we do not need it in the dough.
  • 6. Top slowly and gently pour the dough. The berries will rise, do not panic.
  • 7. Bake in the oven for 30-50 minutes at 180 degrees. Here everything depends on the shape and oven. Wooden skewers should go out dry. At the same time, clafuti is a little up in the mold, do not be scared.
  • 8. When the mold is removed, let the dessert cool down a little in it, sprinkle with powder and take it out.
  • 9. The texture of the clafuti reminds something of the middle between mousse, casserole and pie. It is impossible to describe it more precisely, you better try it. It is very tasty. By the way, berries are very appropriate here, they give their slightly sour taste to a chocolate base, which, by the way, is not too sweet.