photo: Yoghurt cucumber jelly with lime sauce

Yoghurt cucumber jelly with lime sauce

Let me describe you this dessert and we will start cooking. So, here is unusual and very delicious dessert. The bottom layer of yoghurt is jelly with vanilla seeds – it is very delicate, fragrant and weightless. The top layer is a sweetish jelly with a cucumber taste – it is quite unusual and you immediately realize that unfortunately you have not tried it before. On top there are pieces of melon and a little bit sourish thick lime sauce. All this is in one spoon, in each spoon. Incredible!


  • Sugar
    330 g
  • Gelatin
    - pcs
  • Vanilla
    1 pcs
  • Yogurt 2,5%
    500 ml
  • Lime
    2 pcs
  • Cucumber
    2 pcs


  • 1. Soak gelatin in water. Take the amount of gelatin according to the instructions on the packaging at a rate of 600 ml of liquid.
  • 2. Mix 220 grams of sugar and 120 ml of water in a saucepan. Put on medium heat and bring to a boil.
  • 3. Pour half of the syrup into another bowl, add the juice of one lime and cubes of the second lime (without the peel). Mix well, put away to the side. Lime syrup is ready.
  • 4. Squeeze gelatin from excess moisture and add it to the remaining half of the syrup. Stir well until smooth. Gelatin will quickly dissolve in hot syrup. Add vanilla seeds. To do this, cut the pod along and scrape off all the seeds from the pod halves with the back side of the knife.
  • 5. Stir well.
  • 6. Stir yogurt well in a deep cup, add syrup with vanilla and gelatin. Pour out in molds about half-size portions.
  • 7. Put into the fridge for freezing. This will take about 30-40 minutes, just as long as we do the top layer.
  • 8. Cut a few thin slivers of cucumber (so as to cover the surface of yoghurt jelly in all the molds). Chop the rest at large cubes.
  • 9. Soak gelatin in cold water. Again, follow the instructions, based on 300 ml of liquid. Cook the syrup as indicated above, but this time take 110 grams of sugar and 60 ml of water. Combine the pressed gelatin with the syrup, mix well.
  • 10. Put the pieces of cucumber in a blender, fill with syrup and chop well for 5-10 minutes.
  • 11. The resulting mixture strain through a very fine screen or gauze. You need to get only a liquid that is completely transparent, without the slightest bits.
  • 12. Wait for about 10 minutes until the foam from the liquid goes away.
  • 13. Take out the molds with yoghurt jelly, slightly pressing, put cucumber slices on the surface so that they stick to the surface and do not float up. Top carefully with cucumber syrup.
  • 14. Put into the fridge for another 30-40 minutes.
  • 15. If you are still in doubt – do it and try it. At first I was also a bit skeptical about such combination, but because of the love for the strange –I of course tried it. And I will tell you now that I will do it very often. And if you do not really like milk jelly – refuse and do just a cucumber one, you can put some berries and fruits (except kiwi and pineapple) inside as well.