photo: Bucatini with cream sauce and raspberries

Bucatini with cream sauce and raspberries

Confess it, the first thing that you thought about was «It is not delicious» or «It is too weird». But remember your childhood – all of us ate sugary «cereals with vermicelli» and it was quite tasty! This dish is good as both a dessert for breakfast and lunch. In point of fact, it a very tasty, nourishing and easy dish.


  • Bucatini
    250 g
  • Raspberry
    200 g
  • Honey
    3-4 tbsp
  • Cream
    150 ml
  • Lime
    1 pcs
  • Cinnamon
    1-2 pcs


  • 1. A couple of important moments:

    - if raspberries are a little sour, then multiply honey quantity twice;

    - you can take any season berries or finely chopped soft fruit;

    - I strongly recommend you exactly bucatini – it is pasta that is similar to fattened spaghetti with a hole in the center, that is namely why the pasta is impregnated with sauce both outside and inside so good.
  • 2. While cooking, pour raspberries with honey, do not mix it.
  • 3. Boil pasta as it is indicated on the packaging for 1-2 minutes. Definitely, you need to salt it.
  • 4. While boiling pasta, grind a peel of one lime or lemon.
  • 5. Heat cream, cinnamon sticks (you may use vanilla pod), zest on the slow fire in a saucepan with thick bottom. When the mixture is a just about to boil, turn it off. Take out cinnamon and transfer all pasta. Add lime juice. Mix everything well so that at first the paste is finally prepared and secondly it becomes soaked with sauce.
  • 6. At the very last moment, add raspberries and carefully mix it.
  • 7. The sauce is very soft, cream and at the same time a bit sugary. Berries give their slightly sour taste. I added mint and the dish became even more delicious – as mint enhanced aromas and flavors of berries, pasta and sauce.