photo: The best milk caramel

The best milk caramel

Do you remember toffees from your childhood? As they were difficult to unfold from the wrapper, as it was hard to chew at the beginning, and someone even lost the fillings. Then the softer toffees were there, but they did not bring me that pleasure. So, now I'm going to tell you the simplest, insanely fast recipe for delicious taffies! Write it down!


  • Powdered sugar
    500 g
  • Cream
    500 ml
  • Honey
    120 ml
  • Butter
    50 g
  • Vanilla
    1 pcs


  • 1. A massive advantage of this recipe is no long step by step instructions – when sugar is warmed at first, then butter is added and afterwards butter, and only then cream and so on. In this recipe you do everything at once wherein result is the same. The longest part in this one is to clear vanilla from seeds.
  • 2. And now we put all the ingredients in the saucepan. I used powdered sugar, but you can add simple sugar, it is not critical here. (If you take brown sugar, consider this while waiting for the desired color). If you do not like honey – change it for glucose syrup, agave or something similar.
  • 3. Then put the saucepan on a medium fire and wait. We are interested in the moment when the butter melts and all the ingredients are mixed.
  • 4. And now the most interesting thing. If you have mixed the ingredients before – you need to stop now. Just watch the process. If you have a thermometer – the needed caramel temperature is 122-123 degrees. Love it to be bitter and firm – the killer of the seals is obtained at 125-128 degrees. If there is no thermometer, you have two ways. The first is to trust the eye. The color of the caramel should look like on my final photos. The second is to drop a blob of caramel into cold water and roll the ball with two fingers – if the ball is elastic and rolls well (does not stick) – then it is prepared.
  • 5. Pour the caramel into a mold that is lined with parchment. It is suitable for anything which has sides. The height is about 1–1.5 cm; do not do more.
  • 6. Caramel should be placed in the fridge for somewhere near about three hours. It will finally grasp. After that, just cut the caramel into candies with a wet knife. If it is very cold, use a knife in boiling water, but not too much. Candy can be sprinkled with powder, almond flour or salt – now it's popular and obviously delicious. For the first time I did the basic version.
  • 7. Caramel is very soft, completely safe for your seals. At the same time, there is a creamy honey taste. Nobody will remain indifferent, I guarantee!