photo: Chocolate donuts that will shake the head of anyone

Chocolate donuts that will shake the head of anyone

Do you like donuts? To someone it seems that(because of the common type of donuts with sprinkles) this is a children's dessert with an entertaining cap made of colored glazes and the like. Someone thinks that this is a very fatty and harmful food (80% of donuts are fried in oil). Others, like me, appreciate good donuts with a gentle dough, a modest glazing and stunning taste.


  • Whole wheat flour
    560 g
  • Cocoa powder
    50 g
  • Butter
    60 g
  • Cinnamon
    1 tsp
  • Baking powder
    1 tsp
  • Baking soda
    1 tsp
  • Salt
    1 tsp
  • Egg yolks
    1 pcs
  • Sugar
    180 g
  • Neutral yogurt
    300 ml


  • 1. At first, melt the butter. I just cut it for cubes and heated it in the microwave oven for about 20 seconds.
  • 2. Mix all dry ingredients (except sugar) in a large bowl, use a whisk to mix well and thoroughly until smooth.
  • 3. Put one yolk into a cup, add two eggs and whisk well with a mixer.
  • 4. Add sugar to the eggs and whisk again into a lather. Then add yogurt, whisk again. And finally, ass melted butter.
  • 5. Mix again and add dry mixture. Here, the mixer, probably, cannot cope. Mix everything with a spatula or even with your hands.
  • 6. The dough will be homogeneous, airy and slightly sticky.
  • 7. Cover it with a food film and put into the fridge for an hour or two. The doughwill thenrest and become denser, it is needed when rolling.
  • 8. When the dough is rested, dust the surface of the table with flour and place some of the dough on it. Working with the whole piece will be inconvenient. I took a quarter or even less.
  • 9. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 1 cm, but not less. And cut out the future donuts. I have a special donut punch for this. If you do not have – then cut out the outer circle with a large glass, and the center of the lid from the bottle, for example. So, the donut should be about 8 cm in diameter.
  • 10. When you prepared the first batch of donuts, start to warm up the butter in a saucepan. Pour in about 2 cm in height of it. Heat the oil to 180 degrees. If there is no thermometer – put on medium fire and wait for 5 minutes. Then throw a piece of dough into the oil, if it immediately envelops with bubbles – the oil is ready.
  • 11. Fry the donut for 1-2 minutes on each side. Here everything is in an experimental way, it should become rosy, but do not start turning black. It is important to keep the oil on medium heat, otherwise it will overheat and will burn donuts ahead of time.
  • 12. If you are making pastries in oil for the first time – practice on the "middle" of the donut - those little leavings that remain from the center of the donut. Put prepared donuts on paper napkins, excess oil will quickly go away.
  • 13. When the donuts cooled down – cook the glaze. Mix 1 part of water (lemon juice) and 8 parts of powdered sugar. The mixture should be dense. Dunk donuts into it and take it out right away. On the second donut, the process will go quickly and easily.
  • 14. And now about the donuts. Here you can modestly say that they are amazing. See for yourself – the chocolate taste is already great. Cinnamon –it does not break out, as it often happens, but it emphasizes the chocolate flavor with its spice. Glaze –it is not as sweet as it seems to be and at the same time adds a little juiciness. The dough itself is very porous, airy and not dry, we can say that it is a bit damp. Incredible donuts with perfect parameters. And no, they are not fat at all, as it may seem. The crust appears very quickly at the right temperatureand further the oil only heats the dough, but does not soak it.
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