photo: How to Cook Dough for Pasta

How to Cook Dough for Pasta

Today I will tell you the most classic Italian recipe for pasta or ravioli. In truth, I do not really like to mess around with cooking dough – flour everywhere, sticky hands and the result is not always what you expect. But like everywhere else – the rule is triggered – to get into the question. And since we are talking about pasta, who, like Italians, can borrow all the information. So I turned to the proven source of Gennaro Contaldo, he is familiar with Jamie Oliver, trains chefs in his restaurants and is very versed in Italian cuisine. What could be better?


  • Whole wheat flour
    200 g
  • Egg
    2 pcs
  • Salt
    - pinch


  • 1. All you need is to combine the flour, eggs and some salt well. An important detail: Genaro says that you need to take the flour type "00" (zero zero). This flour from soft wheat varieties is very fine grinding. Thanks to it, the dough will stretch well (but not tear).
  • 2. In the classical form, we certainly would have to knead the dough by hand, but since progress does not stand still – it's not at all disgraceful to use a blender. In the bowl, fill the flour, break the eggs and add a little salt to taste (I also added ground pepper).
  • 3. Literally in 2-3 minutes (manually 6-7 minutes) we get a sticky, elastic mass.
  • 4. All you need to do is knead the remains of the dough well with your hands. This is done very simply – press the dough to the table with the base of the wrist on top and pull it away from yourself. Fold the resulting plastic and repeat. Our goal here is to achieve a uniform smooth texture. Someone needs 2 minutes, another one – 4-5.
  • 5. In no case do not add a lot of flour, otherwise you will spoil the dough, it will become loose and not "tight". Mix until you get a smooth texture – so it is not dry, but does not stick to your hands. Wrap in a film and leave in the fridge for at least half an hour (preferably at night).
  • 6. After the fridge, the dough will become even smoother and that's the way it is in the cut – completely homogeneous.
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