photo: Quesadilla


Quesadilla – a dish of Mexican cuisine – is two tortillas with a filling, which necessarily includes cheese, fried in a frying pan or deep-fried. Due to browning, the cheese in the filling melts and thus holds together both tortillas. Also, instead of two tortillas, you can fold one in half. It is prepared do really quickly and a big advantage is that beside cheese and tortillas, you can use absolutely any stuffing.


  • Edem cheese
    100 g
  • Chile
    1 pcs
  • Sweet pepper
    0,5 pcs
  • Sausage
    100 g
  • Green onion
    20 g
  • Tomato paste
    3 tbsp


  • 1. First, prepare all the components. Rub cheese on a large grater. Here any soft sorts of cheese (Edam, Emental, Mozzarella) will approach. Next, cut peppers, sausages (in this case, you can take any meat or even minced meat), tomatoes and greens into strips.
  • 2. Now, fry the vegetables until half-ready with a small amount of oil. Just need them to become softer. If you use other ingredients, it is possible that roasting is not even needed. Here everything is individual.
  • 3. Well, that is all, it remains to collect the quesadilla and cook. Heavily overlay the cheese in the half of bread, then the whole stuffing and again the cheese. Grease "pure" half of the tortilla with tomato paste or sauce. The process is similar to pizza cooking – any ingredients, any sauces. The only important ingredient is soft cheese, which will combine all ingredients.
  • 4. Now put the finished quesadilla on the grill (or the usual dry pan) and fry on each side for about 2 minutes. The main task is to melt the cheese, because the filling is prepared in advance. The cheese melts, folds everything together and produces strong sandwiches. Immediately cut and served with some spicy sauces.
  • 5. It is what you need: a crispy tortilla, a delicious filling with cheese, a little spicy-Mexican taste and a good mood. Here they are, classic quesadillas!