photo: Banana Marshmallows

Banana Marshmallows

Sometimes it happens that some dessert dishes are strongly associated with large confectionery factories, that only there you can produce some sweets with the use of thousands of secret techniques and ingredients. So it was with me, for example, with marshmallow or bird milk. I did not even try to get into the ways of their preparation, because it seemed the technology would be needed to compare the launch of space shuttles. It all turned out, of course, many times easier. Do not be afraid of a lot of pictures and text, in this case I will try to show you in detail how easy it is. And you will see yourself what effect will be!


  • Banana puree
    250 g
  • Sugar
    725 g
  • Vanilla sugar
    10 g
  • Agar-agar
    8-9 g
  • Water
    150 ml
  • Egg
    1 pcs


  • 1. The only thing that can scare you is agar-agar. No, it cannot be replaced with gelatin or pectin – completely different properties, functions and results. If you do not know in what store to buy it – search the Internet, there are a lot of sites, the prices are affordable. If you live in Khabarovsk, I will be glad to help you with its acquisition. All the same, home-made marshmallow is worth it, believe me. Those, who tried it, said: "This is exactly what a real dessert should be like" – a delicate, melting in the mouth, with a thin fragile crust and a pleasant aroma (banana or other).
  • 2. Pour the mashed potatoes into a deep bowl. You can take any taste; puree should be thick. For a landmark – I took a baby FrutoNyanya. You can boil berries in the saucepan (without sugar) and then blend with a blender. Add sugar (250 g) and vanilla sugar. Stir and remove to the side.
  • 3. Important! A good marshmallow will turn out if the content of pectin in mashed potatoes is sufficient, so whatever mashed potatoes are taken, cook it to decently thick (moisture to come out), thicken one is better than the other way. And now we have a thick mashed potato. Take 250 g.
  • 4. In the saucepan (take minimum 2 liters), mix the water and agar-agar. Leave it for 10 minutes.
  • 5. Put the saucepan with agar on the stove and bring to a boil. Big bubbles will start to appear.
  • 6. Add 475 g of sugar and cook for 5-10 minutes. White foam will start to appear, and the syrup from the fork / scapula will drain with a thin thread (it does not drip but flows down in a thin stream).
  • 7. Let the mixture of agar and sugar cool down, meanwhile, return to puree. Pour half of the egg protein into it and whisk with the mixer at maximum speed. The mixture will begin to lighten and increase in volume.
  • 8. Add the second half of the protein and whisk again to a good, even lighter and more lush consistency.
  • 9. Now without stopping the mixer pour in the agar mixture with a thin (very slowly) trickle. It took me 2 minutes; it is not necessary to hurry.
  • 10. And now the most important cunning, on which many are mistaken and the marshmallow does not work. Agar-agar begins to thicken the liquid and stabilize itself at 40 degrees (by the way, therefore, it is more like gelatin confectioners). Accordingly, we need to wait until the mixture starts to get to those 40 degrees. Therefore, continue beating the mixture with a mixer at maximum speed until it becomes barely warm (if you touch with your finger). But you will understand that the mixture is ready – it will become very tight and well-shaped.
  • 11. Transfer the mixture into a confectioner's bag (you can spread it with spoons, but it will not turn out so beautifully). And put it on the parchment.
  • 12. At this stage, you can add the dye to the mass. Note that then the marshmallow will be slightly paler than the mass with the dye.
  • 13. Leave the marshmallow for 24 hours. Afterwards, carefully remove the marshmallow from the paper (it will easily fall behind), glue the halves together and sprinkle with powdered sugar.
  • 14. Keep prepared marshmallow in an airtight container, although I am not sure that it will last long, it is very quickly eaten!