photo: Cheese Sticks

Cheese Sticks

Try these cheese sticks! This is a suitable appetizer for dense sauces or as an independent dish. Sticks are very fragrant, if you add more chili, they will also be sharp. They are crispy and very airy, they disappear instantly!


  • Butter
    100 g
  • Whole wheat flour
    100 g
  • Parmesan cheese
    50 g
  • Paprika
    1 tbsp
  • Garlic
    1 tbsp
  • Mixture of dried herbs
    1 tbsp
  • Egg yolks
    1 pcs


  • 1. Cut cold butter into small cubes of 0.5 cm. Try not to touch the butter with your hands so that it does not start to melt – this is very important.
  • 2. Grate parmesan finely.
  • 3. Grind the cubes of butter in flour in a deep bowl. Stir the mixture between the fingers, resulting in a sandy mass.
  • 4. Add all the spices and parmesan. Continue mixing until smooth.
  • 5. Enter the yolk and finally mix everything until a smooth dough is obtained.
  • 6. Roll the ball, wrap with a film and let the dough rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  • 7. Roll out the dough on a dust-dusted surface to a thickness of 0.5 cm.
  • 8. Cut thin strips with a knife for pizza and transfer to a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Do not make them too long, because they are quite brittle.
  • 9. Bake at 180-190 degrees for 10-15 minutes to a confident golden crust.
  • 10. Serve ideally with dense sauces: tomato, guacamole and others. Husbands to beer, children to just like that, yourselves with the above-sounded gas stations. And after all, everyone will get their own taste and impressions. Great!