photo: Eclairs with Buttercream

Eclairs with Buttercream

Eclair – is a perfect cake, which will find a lot of admirers. This invention of french chefs has undeniable advantages: the minimum amount of dough, the maximum amount of cream. Golden sides of an eclair are a kind of a trunk that hides a delicious custard. The choux pastry is famous for its unusual and pleasant taste. The surfaces of the cakes are decorated with patterns of chocolate glaze.


  • Flour
    150-170 g
  • Water
    200 ml
  • Salt
    ¼ tsp
  • Milk
    400 ml
  • Egg
    7 pcs
  • Sugar
    ¾ glass
  • Butter
    170 g
  • Dark chocolate
    80 g


  • 1. To make eclairs we will need a modest set of products. When baking, the choux pastry dough undergoes an amazing transformation: the flattened strip of dough grows to a giant size, creating a shell of the future cake. And inside it is empty, this space is intended for the custard. The main task of a cook is to "force" the dough to grow.
  • 2. Pour water in a small saucepan, put salt and butter.
  • 3. Bring the liquid to a boil. We need to wait for the moment when the pieces of butter turn into a homogeneous yellow film floating on the surface of water. Typically this process takes 3-4 minutes.
  • 4. emove the pot from the heat, add flour very quickly, pouring it in a thin stream. Return the pan on the stove. Heat the dough for 2-3 minutes, constantly turning it.

  • 5. Then, the dough should be cooled down, stopping at 70 degrees.
  • 6. Beat eggs into the dough one by one, mixing the mass until smooth.
  • 7. The result is a thick viscous batter. If the dough is not thick enough, the éclairs will not rise when baking.
  • 8. Shift the dough in a pastry bag, squeeze out strips of the same size. The pan should be covered with a foil or baking paper.

  • 9. Heat the oven up to 180 degrees, put the baking sheet with future eclairs. The baking time is 40 minutes, try not to open the oven door until ready cakes.
  • 10. The custard is prepared from milk, eggs, sugar and butter. Flour is used as a thickener.
  • 11. The taste and color of the custard will be better if you use eggs with bright yolks. Combine sugar and eggs.
  • 12. Add flour to the egg mixture and stir.
  • 13. Pour milk in a saucepan with a thick bottom, heat it.
  • 14. Pour the prepared egg mixture into warm milk, stir.
  • 15. Brew the custard for 5-7 minutes, achieving the desired degree of density. The heat should be minimal, stir the cream constantly while brewing with a wooden spoon or spatula.
  • 16. Put a piece of butter into hot cream, stir intensively and leave it to cool.
  • 17. Take the eclairs out of the oven, cool the cakes on a grill. Put cold cream into a pastry bag. Make the puncture in the soft side of the eclair with a nozzle, fill the internal space with cream.
  • 18. Melt chocolate in a water bath, put in a pastry bag with a narrow nozzle. Draw chocolate patterns on each eclair.
  • 19. Serve the cakes on a flat dish. The eclairs can be stored in a refrigerator for 3-4 days.