photo: Spicy 小ucumbers

Spicy 小ucumbers

I madly love marinated cucumbers. You know, when you open the jar and the slightly sharp flavor of the marinade pleasantly reduces cheekbones. A couple of years ago I had, you can say, dependence on them. Most of all I liked gherkins – small crispy cucumbers, which you could eat in different dishes. But the problem was always the same – it was difficult to find properly crispy cucumbers of my favorite taste. So for a while I stopped buying them. I stopped until I realized that everything can be cooked myself. This recipe can be called basic; below I will make an explanation. Cucumbers on it will crunch, have a wonderful spicy flavor and taste, and opening the lid will break out the very scent of marinade, which reduces cheekbones. If you think that you do not really like them, think about how they can be applied. If you cut it thin rings and store it in a jar, then you always have a hamburger and sandwich filling for your hand, juiciness and sharpness of cucumbers will only improve the taste of the snack. If you cut it larger cubes – it will be convenient to add them to the salad to fresh tomatoes, while making a dressing of olive oil and a couple of spoons of marinade – uh, an invigorating salad in the summer – chic! Of course, you can eat cucumbers just from a can, serve with garnishes like potatoes, but a lot more. From the options: no one forbids you to vary the number of cucumbers and onions in the composition, you can add radish, peppers, carrots. Just remember the rule – cut soft vegetables bigger pieces, hard – smaller ones. From the spices – I took the grain of mustard and turmeric. Add garlic, peas of hot pepper, fennel seeds and bay leaf. Here, as in the saying...


  • Cucumber
    4 pcs
  • Onion
    1 pcs
  • White wine vinegar
    400 ml
  • Mustard seed
    2 tbsp
  • Sugar
    30 g
  • Turmeric
    1 tsp
  • Salt
    1 tsp


  • 1. Choose small elastic cucumbers, if they crunch at the crack 鈥 then they will crunch. You can take small home cucumbers, then cut them half across or generally leave whole. I took 4 cucumbers to 13-14 cm. Cut them into rings of 3-4 mm.
  • 2. Divide a small onion into quarters and then finely cut.
  • 3. Put wine vinegar on the fire in a small saucepan (400 ml), take exactly the white one (it is also called white wine vinegar), mustard seeds (2 tbsp.), salt (1 tbsp.), sugar (30 g) and turmeric (1/2 tsp). Bring the mixture to a boil.
  • 4. Add cucumbers and onions in a boiling mixture.
  • 5. On average fire, bring the mixture back to a boil and turn off the fire.
  • 6. Transfer vegetables with marinade to cans. I first evenly laid out the vegetables over the cans themselves, using noise, and then poured a marinade. It is better to do this in several visits, otherwise it will turn out that there is a lot of liquid in one jar, and in another one there is a spice on the bottom of a saucepan.
  • 7. Close the lids and let them cool down. Put finished cans into the fridge. In general, it is recommended to hold them so for a week before eating, but I could not stand it and had been eating them the following day.