photo: Salmon Vegetable Salad

Salmon Vegetable Salad

Salad from seasonal vegetables with fried salmon slices and piquant dressing will perfectly suit for an easy supper and it will look beautiful on the festive table. The recipe is simple and fast. It is enough to cut vegetables, fry salmon fillet in a frying pan and add a dressing from olive oil and lemon juice. Fresh dill successfully emphasizes the taste of red fish and vegetables, giving the salad a special flavor and aroma.
15 min
1 servings


  • Salmon
    200 g
  • Cucumber
    1 pcs
  • Red onion
    1 pcs
  • Radish
    4-5 pcs
  • Cabbage
    - to taste
  • Dill
    - to taste
  • Lemon
    1 pcs
  • Olive oil
    100 ml
  • Salt
    - to taste
  • Black pepper
    0,25 tsp
  • Dried garlic
    0,25 tsp


  • 1. Wash fresh salmon fillet and dry from excess moisture. After removing all the bones, cut the fillets into portions. Sprinkle the fish with ground spices from both sides and salt to taste.
  • 2. In a pan with non-stick coating, pour 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil for frying. When it warms up, lay out the pieces of salmon in a frying pan. Fry them over medium heat for 4 minutes on each side to make a delicious golden crust. Transfer the ready fish to the plate.
  • 3. Wash leaves of young cabbage, tear them into pieces of medium size and dent with your hands so that the cabbage let the juice. Put the cabbage into a deep plate.
  • 4. Now prepare the rest of the vegetables. Cut cucumber and sweet red onions half rings, chop radish thin rings. Lay the vegetables over the leaves of cabbage.
  • 5. Prepare the dressing for the salad. In a separate bowl, mix the remaining olive oil, the juice of one lemon, finely chopped dill greens and a mixture of ground peppers. Mix the dressing to a homogeneous consistency.
  • 6. Lay out the fried pieces of salmon on top of the vegetables. Evenly eat salad and fish dressing. Ready salad can be served immediately or let it brew for about 30 minutes. Stir the salad before eating.
  • 7. Bon Appetit!
  • 8. Salmon Vegetable Salad
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