photo: Belarusian Meat Delicacy

Belarusian Meat Delicacy

With this village delicacy, I have the warmest childhood memories. Grandmother and grandfather constantly kept the pigs, and that is why every winter we had a finger-pounded sausage (we shoved it with a meat grinder with a nozzle, of course), a cindyuk (we will talk about it later), saltison and necessarily a polandzwica. And since there are only two loaves of pigs and they were not always allowed to pick salty, there were not so much polandzwica in terms of a fairly large family. And I always wanted more. And only this spring I was honored to do it myself. And it turned out the same as my grandmother did. A shop is never the same.


  • Pork loin
    1,5 kg
  • Cumin
    8 g
  • Coriander
    5 g
  • Salt
    120 g
  • Black pepper
    8 g
  • Garlic
    7-8 clove


  • 1. Immediately discus all the nuances. The ideal time to prepare a polandzwica is the cold season when heating works. Because a week it hangs on the balcony in the coolness, and then for 2-3 weeks will languish indoors. When the batteries are working, the air in the apartment is drier, and the process goes faster. Well, there are no insects. But. In the next week I want to try salting and wilting something else (if it works out – I will tell you what exactly) - without working batteries. Let's go further. Put dry spices in a mortar and rub with a pestle.
  • 2. The same can be done in a coffee grinder, but do not grind everything into dust – large pieces of pepper and cumin should still come across. Finely chop garlic with a knife. Put spices in a bowl, add salt and garlic.
  • 3. Stir.
  • 4. Densely sprinkle with a mixture of bacon – directly press it to the meat with hands.
  • 5. Shift the loin on a three-fold piece of gauze or linen. To spice up a little more, you can first pour its remains on gauze, and put the loin on the top. Wrap and tighten the meat as tightly as possible.
  • 6. Put it in a tray, cover it with a film, but not very tightly, so that the air still passes. Put in the fridge for 3 days. 2 times a day turn the polandzwica. Then hang it in a cool well-ventilated room for a week (glazed balcony is well suited if the temperature there is no more than 10 degrees). After that, outweigh the polandzwica in the kitchen – better close to the stove, so it will be the warmest and dryest place. Wilt for 2-3 weeks. The exact time depends on the humidity in the room, the thickness of a piece of meat and how much dry meat you want to get. I had a polandzwica in the kitchen for 2 weeks, and it turned out pretty dense and dry – just the way I like it. From 1500 g only 900 g left. For some a week of drying is enough. In any case, you can feel the polandzwica in the process and control its softness / dryness. Unfold finished product, clean spices. Store it in the refrigerator, wrapped in parchment. Polandzwica can take a long time to lie down – it will end sooner than the period of its validity.