photo: Apricot Jam «Five minutes»

Apricot Jam «Five minutes»

In each family, apricot jam is prepared in different ways, passing a proven recipe to their adult children from generation to generation. If you like cooking with whole apricot halves, then this article is for you. The jam is boiled for only 5 minutes in three sets, it is long infused during the breaks. Due to this technology, the fruit retains its integrity as much as possible, which is very difficult to achieve in apricot blanks, since soft fruit is quickly boiled soft. This jam will not have transparent slices and amber syrup, but the fruit will not lose most of the vitamins and natural taste.


  • Apricot
    1,5 kg
  • Citric acid
    ¼ tsp
  • Sugar
    1,5 kg


  • 1. Thoroughly wash apricots in water, completely eliminating dust, then be sure to dry a little, putting them in one row on a woven towel. Only elastic, juicy fruits are suitable for this blank.
  • 2. Using a knife, make cuts at the junctions of the halves, divide the apricots into two equal parts, remove the bones. Do not do it with your hands, be sure to use a knife, otherwise the slices may be rumpled and become uneven.
  • 3. Place them in a container of suitable volume, lay the apricot halves in rows, alternating with sugar send, top with plenty of sugar. Choose glass or ceramic capacity, enamelware may contain scratches, which will lead to oxidation of the product.
  • 4. Leave the apricots in this condition for the next 8-10 hours so that they, after coming into contact with the sugar crystals, empty the juice. You can make punctures in some places so that the reaction goes faster.
  • 5. Carefully transfer the fruit in their own juice to a saucepan or pan, set on a slow fire, bring to the time of boiling, then boil exactly for 5 minutes. Let the jam cool and brew - the longer the better (about 11-12 hours).
  • 6. Boil it again for 5 minutes after boiling. At the same time, it is not necessary to mix halves of apricot, just shake the pan. Repeat this procedure in 3 sets, each time welding for 5 minutes and insisting for a long time. Pour the required amount of citric acid for better storage.
  • 7. Before filling, sterilize the jars, then dry them. Fill them with jam, instantly twist the lids, which should also be as sterile as possible. For additional pasteurization, wrap the contents of the jar with something warm to cool slowly.
  • 8. After about a day, put the jam to a cellar or other secluded place.
  • 9. Bon Appétit