photo: Coconut Blancmange with Raspberries

Coconut Blancmange with Raspberries

For lovers of sweet and airy desserts, we offer an interesting recipe – cottage cheese blancmange with raspberries. This delicacy is prepared with the help of gelatin, exactly this substance allows you to prepare the dish quite easily and quickly. Delicacy has a delicate creamy taste with a sweet taste of coconut due to a small portion of coconut milk. Also in the cooking process, vanilla sugar is added to make the flavor of the dessert saturated. Cottage cheese and sour cream that are used are not fat. With additives to blancmange, you can experiment without limit, throwing fruits, nuts, dried fruits or berries into the main composition. Today we supplement dessert with raspberries, it will make it healthier and brighter. Blancmange will be the best useful dessert for young children. Many kids do not like cottage cheese in its pure form, but in this dish it is carefully hidden. Be sure to use the curly mold for pouring, so that the delicacy looks elegant and unusual.


  • Cottage cheese
    220 g
  • Coconut milk
    110 ml
  • Vanilla sugar
    1 tsp
  • Sour cream
    90 g
  • Gelatin
    15 g
  • Powdered sugar
    1.5 tbsp
  • Raspberry
    80 g


  • 1. Pour coconut milk at room temperature into a small bowl, add a portion of gelatin to it, carefully stir, set the mixture aside for 10 minutes, so that the gelatin is swollen in a milk base.
  • 2. Meanwhile, combine the specified amount of cottage cheese and sour cream.
  • 3. Sweeten the mixture by pouring icing sugar, the amount of which can vary based on your taste. For a smell add vanilla sugar or vanillin (only in smaller volumes).
  • 4. Mix the mass thoroughly, or better blend, to completely break the grains of cottage cheese, making the mixture homogeneous and fluffy.
  • 5. After a time, gelatin should completely swell in coconut milk, getting a composition resembling semolina.
  • 6. Heat this mixture in a water bath so that it becomes liquid again. The main thing is not to bring it to a boil, the mass should remain warm.
  • 7. Pour the resulting gelling composition into the curd mass with a small stream, while mixing with a spoon.

    Rinse raspberries, add to the main mass, distribute it evenly stirring. Pour the mixture into the molds, cool, then put somewhere in the cold place for the next 5 hours to solidify.
  • 8. For the dessert to be separated from the molds without problems, put them in boiling water for a few seconds without touching the blancmange itself.
  • 9. Before serving, complement the treat with berries or berry jam.
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