photo: Chicken and Mushroom Wedding Salad

Chicken and Mushroom Wedding Salad

Salad with chicken, marinated champignons and corn is usually served at Russian weddings. It is very juicy, tasty and nourishing. Also it’s rather easy and quickly to cook. You only need to make chicken fillet in advance. For this recipe boil fillet in salted water with addition of bay leaf and allspice or rub with spices, turn into a food foil and bake in an oven or steam. Then you will need to cut all ingredients and add to them dressing made from mayonnaise, sour cream or low-fat yogurt. Also for dressing it is possible to use home-made sauce.
30 min
8 servings


  • Chicken fillet
    350 g
  • Marinated champignons
    400 g
  • Canned corn
    340 g
  • Cheese
    200 g
  • Cucumber
    1 pcs
  • Chinese cabbage
    150 g
  • Green onion
    - to taste
  • Mayonnaise
    75 ml
  • Salt
    - to taste


  • 1. Wash a fresh cucumber, cut off tails and peel. Cut a cucumber into cubes of middle size.
  • 2. Cut the cooled to room temperature chicken fillet into cubes of the same size.
  • 3. Cut cheese of firm grades into small cubes.
  • 4. Cut off a rough part at the basis, ground leaves of the Chinese cabbage into thin straws.
  • 5. Filter marinated champignons from a brine. Depending on the sizes, cut mushrooms on 4-8 parts.
  • 6. Join all cut ingredients for salad in deep ware. Add the canned corn filtered from marinade and green onions cut into thin circles.
  • 7. Fill salad with a small amount of mayonnaise and mix to homogeneous consistence. Shift a ready dish in a beautiful salad bowl or portion ware.
  • 8. Bon appetite!