photo: Salmon sandwiches «Ladybugs»

Salmon sandwiches «Ladybugs»

It is important for snacks on a holiday table to be not only tasty, but also beautiful. I suggest making for a holiday tasty sandwiches from salmon in the form of ladybugs. The light-salted or smoked pink salmon, a salmon or a Siberian salmon will be suitable for the recipe. Such snack does not remain unnoticed and first disappears from a table.
10 min
6 servings


  • Baguette
    1 pcs
  • Light-salted salmon
    150 g
  • Cherry tomatoes
    3 pcs
  • Olives
    4 pcs
  • Lettuce leaves
    20 g
  • Butter
    20 g
  • Mayonnaise
    2 g


  • 1. Cut baguette or white bread on slices 1 cm thick. Grease bread with a thin layer of the softened butter. Instead of butter it is possible to use cream cheese.
  • 2. On the bread greased with butter lay out thinly cut salmon fillet. For this recipe I used pink salmon of cold smoking.
  • 3. Now it is necessary to decorate snack. Cut cherry tomatoes in halves, on each half make a small long cut, imitating wings of a ladybug. Cut pitted olives on 4 parts, it will be ladybug’s head. Lay out preparations on each sandwich.
  • 4. Cut finely the remained olives and lay out on tomatoes, imitating black points on a ladybug. By means of mayonnaise let’s make eyes. Add to snack fresh greenery.
  • 5. Serve ready-made sandwiches right after preparation as cold appetizer.
  • 6. Bon Appetite!