photo: Broccoli Chicken Fritters

Broccoli Chicken Fritters

Today in the menu tasty chicken fritters with broccoli and dill – it’s a great way to feed choosy kids with useful vegetables. Fritters are perfectly combined with any side dishes, whether it can be grain, bean, boiled or baked vegetables. Chicken fritters with broccoli and dill turn out especially juicy. A secret is that for this recipe we will use chopped chicken meat instead of the forcemeat which is passed via the meat grinder or crushed in the blender. Besides, broccoli and fresh greenery with garlic make products very gentle and fragrant. Surely try to prepare this recipe for your family. By the way for the recipe it is possible to use not only fresh, but also frozen broccoli.
40 min
6 servings


  • Chicken fillet
    700 g
  • Broccoli
    250 g
  • Egg
    1 pcs
  • Whole wheat flour
    2 tbsp
  • Garlic
    2-3 clove
  • Vegetable oil
    75 ml
  • Dill
    50 g
  • Black pepper
    - to taste
  • Salt
    - to taste
  • Seasoning for chicken
    0.5 tsp


  • 1. Wash chicken fillet and dry with paper towel. Let's clean meat from fat and foams. Cut chicken fillet into small cubes and shift in deep ware.
  • 2. Wash out the frozen broccoli in warm water, cut into small cubes, same as chicken fillet. If you use fresh broccoli, previously boil thoroughly it in slightly salted water for 5 minutes. Then broccoli needs to be shifted in a bowl with ice water to stop process of cooking and to cool broccoli to room temperature. Let's add the crushed broccoli to meat.
  • 3. Break one egg into the received mix. Thanks to egg fritters will hold a form well and will not break up on a frying pan.
  • 4. Add to forcemeat for fritters passed through a press garlic cloves and small chopped dill greenery.
  • 5. To make forcemeat thicker, add 2 tablespoons of wheat flour. Let's salt and season mix with ground seasonings.
  • 6. Thoroughly mix forcemeat, trying to obtain homogeneous consistence.
  • 7. On a non-stick frying pan pour flavourless vegetable oil and wait until it is warmed. By means of a tablespoon lay out forcemeat on a frying pan, forming round fritters of the identical size.
  • 8. Let's fry chicken fritters with broccoli and dill on average fire to a golden shade from both sides.
  • 9. Lay out finished products on the plate laid by paper towels to remove excess oil.
  • 10. Let’s serve chicken fritters with broccoli and dill hot with a side dish from a bulgur, buckwheat or potatoes.
  • 11. Bon Appetite!