photo: Braided Cinnamon Bread (Estonian Kringel)

Braided Cinnamon Bread (Estonian Kringel)

The sweet and crackling braided cinnamon bread (Estonian Kringel) with soft fancy bun and a butter stuffing with cinnamon inside will decorate any table. Though kringel is prepared on yeast dough, it is rather simply to prepare. Ready kringel has the form of a crown or a wreath. Instead of cinnamon with butter as a stuffing it is possible to put poppy or the melted chocolate with the crushed nuts. It will not spoil taste of pastries in any way, and kringel will play in a new way.


  • Whole wheat flour
    300 g
  • Egg
    1 pcs
  • Butter
    130 g
  • Sugar
    4 tbsp
  • Milk
    130 g
  • Fresh yeast
    20 g
  • Cinnamon
    1 tsp
  • Salt
    - pinch


  • 1. In convenient ware (I have a salad bowl) we will pound yeast and sugar to a condition of liquideous substance.
  • 2. Warm up milk slightly on a cooking surface (temperature of a product has to be not less than 35 degrees) and pour to yeast mix.
  • 3. There we will pour out 4 big spoons of flour. Let's mix. The predough has to ripen in the warm.
  • 4. The readiness is estimated by increase in the volume and the bubbly structure (time of ripening is about 30 minutes).
  • 5. Now it is necessary to choose very spacious ware (a big bowl) so that there is an opportunity to knead dough actively. Let's sift in it all flour and salt.
  • 6. Shift the predough there too.
  • 7. Break into an egg.
  • 8. Melt on low fire part of butter(30 g) and pour to all ingredients.
  • 9. Now active movements of hands not less than five (and it is better more) minutes we will knead soft, but not sticking to hands at all, dough. Let's place it in the same bowl and leave for 60 minutes.
  • 10. During this rather long time it is possible to fulfill several household chores with ease and also prepare the stuffing for pretzel. In a bowl lay out already very soft butter (100 g). If you lay out it on a table from the fridge at the beginning, then it will gain the necessary for us consistence by this moment. Let's add to it cinnamon and sugar.
  • 11. To get ideally homogeneous and sort butter stuffing it’s only enough to use the mixer for 30 seconds.
  • 12. Ready for further work dough, considerably increased in the initial sizes. Let's divide it into two parts: we will bake two kringels.
  • 13. Roll one part of the dough (and then the second) in thin layer in the form of a rectangle.
  • 14. Distribute a half of butter stuffing with cinnamon evenly on a dough surface by means of a confectionery turner or a usual spoon.
  • 15. Make a roll from dough.
  • 16. Сut a roll lengthwise with sharp knife, as on a photo.
  • 17. Roll each part in a plait.
  • 18. Then let’s join both ends and you will get a preparation a kringel. In the same way we will make the second part of the dough and a stuffing.
  • 19. Let’s bake the kringel quickly at 180 degrees (the oven is warmed up in advance) for 20 minutes. At first baked one, and then send the second kringel to an oven.
  • 20. Such pastries demand short cooling, and during this time it is quite possible to manage to make the fragrant, calming hot drink. Pleasant tasting!
    Bon Appetite!