photo: Russian Pickled Eggplants

Russian Pickled Eggplants

Russian pickled eggplants - moderately spicy snack is good both with main courses, and with grain, beans, usual mashed potatoes or a piece of fresh bread. Don’t miss a moment and let’s add appetizing eggplants to storage of preparations. Join to our culinary experiment!


  • Eggplant
    500 g
  • Onion
    100 g
  • Carrot
    100 g
  • Vegetable oil
    30 ml
  • Vinegar
    30 ml
  • Tomato sauce
    30 g
  • Garlic
    1-2 clove
  • Sugar
    20 g
  • Salt
    5 g
  • Allspice peas
    - to taste


  • 1. According to our recipe with a photo, in advance let’s wash out, dry and only then cut all vegetables. At first deep-fry cut into halves rings the onions. It is possible to use a spacious pan or as in this example, to brown in a frying pan and then shift vegetables to a pan for stewing.
  • 2. Afterwards let’s add large circles of carrots. We continue frying for 2-3 minutes at medium fire, without allowing the mixture to burn.
  • 3. Cut off tails, cut clean eggplants into cubes and put to carrots and onions into frying pan. Let's note, there is no need to clean and keep eggplants in the salted water— bitterness in preparation won’t appear.
  • 4. Let’s impregnate eggplants and vegetables with oil, in one or one and a half minutes we pour sugar and mix also for 3 more minutes to caramelize vegetables.
  • 5. Shift the softened and impregnated with oil substance to a convenient ware, season with spicy ketchup or other sauce on the basis of tomatoes and chili. To strengthen spicy aroma, do not forget about allspice peas, salt and taste. Boil, lower the temperature to minimum and stew for half an hour. You do not hurry to pour in water, if there is enough moisture, it is not necessary. If there isn’t enough juice, add boiled water in the small portions (approximately on 30 ml).
  • 6. At the end of cooking let’s add the crushed garlic, pour in six-percentage vinegar and bring to boiling and at once remove from a cooking surface.
  • 7. Spread eggplants into previously sterilized jars. Fill jars to the top. Tightly close the lid, turn a bottom up, wrap preparations in a plaid and in such look let’s cool down.
  • 8. After final cooling we transfer marinated eggplants to the cool storeroom or a cellar.
  • 9. Bon Appetite!