photo: Marinated Cucumbers with Red Currant

Marinated Cucumbers with Red Currant

One of original options of preparations — pickles with currant which sourness "works" as natural preservative and the amplifier of taste. For large volumes (1000-3000 ml) leave cucumbers whole, and for jars of about 500 ml as in our recipe with a photo, cut vegetables into circles or lengthwise bars.


  • Cucumber
    350 g
  • Red currant
    100 g
  • Sugar
    15 g
  • Salt
    5 g
  • Vinegar
    20 ml
  • Allspice
    3-4 pcs
  • Cayenne pepper
    1 pcs
  • Dill
    - to taste


  • 1. We don’t miss an important and obligatory stage of each preparation of long storage is to wash carefully berries, vegetables and greens and then dry them slightly. Cast away currant on a sieve and give time to liquid to flow down. Cut off tails from cucumbers and divide the rests into circles about 4 mm thick. We chop clean greenery into long pieces. Don’t forget to sterilize jars and lids. Use a steam bath, an oven or the microwave oven.
  • 2. Lay out dill stems on a jar bottom, at desire and for aroma saturation and add a leaf of cherry (horseradish or currant).
  • 3. Slightly puddle, load cut cucumber and fill emptiness up to the top. Pour in abrupt boiled water to a neck and throw a cover (do not close!). Infuse for 10 minutes, and then merge hot water.
  • 4. Let’s start cooking of marinade. Pour salt, sugar into a pan and throw our natural fragrances: allspices and Cayenne pepper. If you don’t like too spicy, then exclude the pod of hot pepper.
  • 5. Pour in 200 ml of water and bring structure on the maximum fire to boiling. Boil 1-2 minutes so that all crystals of sugar and salt are dissolved. Add vinegar and immediately remove from a cooking surface.
  • 6. In wine brine lower red berries and steam for one or two minutes.
  • 7. Pour marinade with berries and spices to heated-up cucumbers, turn a little so that our additives fell and found free spaces.
  • 8. Hermetically close the lids, turn upside down and cover with a warm blanket. Let’s leave for long sterilization to complete cooling.
  • 9. Bon Appetite!