photo: Cheese Fish Cakes

Cheese Fish Cakes

Hake cakes turn out very tasty, with a delicious crispy crust on the outside and soft on the inside. Thanks to the processed cheese, fish cakes are incredibly juicy. Combined with cheese, the fish fillet gains a light creamy taste and becomes even more tender. Instead of hake for this recipe it is possible to use pollack fillet, pike-perch or cod.
50 min
8 servings


  • Hake
    500 g
  • Processed cheese
    200 g
  • Egg
    1 pcs
  • Onion
    1 pcs
  • Milk
    100 ml
  • Bread
    40 g
  • Bread crumbs
    100 g
  • Vegetable oil
    100 ml
  • Fish seasoning
    1 tsp
  • Salt
    - to taste
  • Black pepper
    - to taste
  • Dill
    - to taste


  • 1. Wash the hake carcasses, cut off the fins and tail, remove the insides and spine and cut the fish on the fillet. Cut hake fillet into medium size pieces and shift them into blender bowl.
  • 2. Cut off the crusts from white bread. Pour the pieces of bread with milk and leave them for 5 minutes.
  • 3. Squeeze the bread off the milk and add it to the fish. Peel onion, cut largely and add to the blender bowl to the rest of the ingredients.
  • 4. Blend hake fillet with bread and onions into homogeneous thick mince, then transfer it into deep ware.
  • 5. Grind the processed cheese on a large grater and add it to the fish mince.
  • 6. So that the fish cakes keep their shape well, break in mince 1 chicken egg.
  • 7. Salt the mince to taste, add ground spices and finely cut dill.
  • 8. Thoroughly mix mince for fish cakes, achieving homogeneous consistence.
  • 9. Wet our hands in cold water and form round or oval cakes of the same size from the ready mince. Coat each cake in bread crumbs.
  • 10. Put the preparations on a frying pan with pre-heated vegetable oil. Fry hake cakes on low fire so that the products are fully cooked inside.
  • 11. When the cakes in the frying pan redden, gently turn them over with a slotted turner to the other side and bring them to readiness. Place the finished products on a plate covered with paper towels to remove excess oil.
  • 12. Serve the hake cakes with processed cheese in hot with side dish from rice, mashed potato or vegetable salad.
  • 13. Bon Appetite!