photo: Green Peas Millet Cereal

Green Peas Millet Cereal

Easy way to love millet cereal is to prepare it with green peas and cream. As a result you get very tasty and fragrant side dish of delicious green color. The millet cereal with green peas turns out very gentle, with a pleasant cream taste. Fresh or frozen green peas can be used for the recipe. The finished porridge can be supplemented with a piece of butter.
30 min
8 servings


  • Millet
    2 glass
  • Water
    6 glass
  • Green peas
    200 g
  • Cream
    200 ml
  • Salt
    - to taste


  • 1. Sort out millet cereal and wash carefully in cold water. Shift the cereal in a pan of appropriate size. Pour in cereal with cold water in proportions of 1:3.
  • 2. Cover the pan with a lid and cook millet cereal to readiness on low fire.
  • 3. Pour the frozen green peas with boiling water and transfer to a pan.
  • 4. Pour green peas with medium fat cream.
  • 5. Let's put a pan with green peas on the fire. After cream boils, let’s cook peas on low fire for 1 minute. Then ground the mixture with a submersible blender until homogeneous puree is obtained.
  • 6. Put the peas puree to a ready-made millet cereal. Add salt to taste.
  • 7. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until homogeneity.
  • 8. The millet cereal with green peas is ready. Serve it hot as a side dish.

    Bon Appetite!