photo: Spinach Fried Eggs

Spinach Fried Eggs

The best start of the working day is delicious fried eggs with spinach (the recipe with the photo is attached below). If you want to surprise your family with a delicious and useful breakfast, be sure to cook a delicious fried egg with fresh spinach leaves. In my family it is adored for the speed of preparation and the undeniable benefit of the dish. If you like fully fried eggs, whip them with a fork, add them to the frying pan with spinach and bring them to readiness under the lid on a low fire. Serve the ready dish with rye bread or toast. Before serving, the eggs can be sprinkled with grated hard cheese.
10 min
1 servings


  • Egg
    3 pcs
  • Spinach
    35 g
  • Butter
    30 g
  • Salt
    - to taste
  • Black pepper
    - to taste


  • 1. Wash spinach and cut off stems. Cut spinach leaves into 1 cm wide straws.
  • 2. Transfer the crushed spinach to a frying pan with pre-heated butter. Stir periodically and fry spinach leaves on low fire for 2-3 minutes.
  • 3. During this time, spinach leaves will significantly decrease in size and acquire a saturated green shade.
  • 4. Break 3 chicken eggs to the frying pan. Try to keep yolks whole so that the spinach fried eggs have a delicious look.
  • 5. Continue to fry eggs on medium fire without covering the frying pan with a lid. It is important that egg whites are completely prepared and yolks remain liquid. At the end of the preparation salt the fried eggs with spinach and add black ground pepper to taste.
  • 6. The spinach fried egg I'm offering you is ready. Gently transfer them to the plate and serve immediately to the table.
  • 7. Bon Appetite!
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