photo: The Best Yeast Rolls

The Best Yeast Rolls

Fresh home pastries create a cozy atmosphere, turning the dwelling into a real family hearth. But soft pastries should not only be tasty, soft and fragrant. The look of yeast rolls plays a major role. If you want to surprise friends and homebuyers with original rolls in the form of delicious pumpkins, follow this simple step-by-step recipe and you will succeed. Thanks to pumpkin puree, baking is airy and fluffy, with an appetite golden shade. Such rolls will be a great addition to the family tea party.
120 min
12 servings


  • Whole wheat flour
    500 g
  • Milk
    120 ml
  • Pumpkin puree
    160 g
  • Egg
    3 pcs
  • Butter
    50 g
  • Sugar
    80 g
  • Active dry yeast
    5 g
  • Nuts
    12 pcs
  • Salt
    0.5 pcs

How to cook The Best Yeast Rolls


  • 1. Let's prepare a pre-dough. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar (from the total) to the warm milk.
  • 2. To the obtained mixture add 2-3 tablespoons of wheat flour (from the total amount of flour).
  • 3. Then add dry yeast to the pre-dough.
  • 4. Mix the mixture with a wire whisk until homogeneous. By consistence, pre-dough should be as thick sour cream. Cover the ware with food wrap and leave it for 15-20 minutes in a warm place so that yeast activates.
  • 5. Meanwhile, let’s prepare pumpkin puree so that beautiful rolls from yeast dough turn out golden. Clean fresh pumpkin from peel and seeds, cut into small cubes. Put pieces of pumpkin on the baking sheet, lined with food foil. Bake vegetables for 15-20 minutes in a heated up to 180 degrees oven. When the pumpkin becomes soft, transfer it into deep bowl and break in puree with the help of a hand blender.
  • 6. In deep bowl let’s connect 2 eggs, the remaining sugar and salt. Let's mix.
  • 7. To the obtained mixture add melted butter cooled to room temperature.
  • 8. Then add cooled pumpkin puree to the dough. Mix carefully, achieving homogeneous consistence.
  • 9. During this time the pre-dough should increase in size by 2-3 times.
  • 10. Add pre-dough to the dough for rolls, mix.
  • 11. In several stages let’s add sifted wheat flour into the dough, each time mixing the mixture until homogeneous consistence.
  • 12. Knead soft elastic dough. Shift it into deep bowl greased with vegetable oil. Cover the dough with a towel and leave it in a warm place for 1 hour.
  • 13. After the specified time the dough will increase in size by 2 times. Now we need to extend it so that it can better develop gluten. Grab the edge of the dough, stretch it and fold it in the opposite direction. This procedure should be repeated from 4 sides. Then cover the dough again with food wrap and leave it for proofing for 1 hour.

  • 14. Knead the increased dough with hands and divide into 12 parts. From each part of the dough let’s form a ball. Do 8 cuts on each preparation without reaching the center with a sharp knife. In the center of each blank, make a deepening to make the shapes of the yeast dough rolls look like pumpkin.
  • 15. Put the blanks on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper or baking mat. Grease the rolls with whipped chicken egg, cover with food wrap and leave for proofing for 15-20 minutes.
  • 16. Before baking, again grease the rolls with a whipped egg. Insert a nut into the center of each preparation. Send the rolls into a heated up to 180 degrees oven. Bake the products until golden shade for 15-18 minutes.
  • 17. Cool ready-made rolls on a wire rack and serve with tea or milk.

    Bon Appetite!