photo: Avocado Sandwiches

Avocado Sandwiches

If you like avocado recipes, these sandwiches will be a great snack for the holiday and everyday menu. Avocado has a neutral taste and is perfectly combined with other products. The snack is prepared very quickly and simply, it turns out tasty and hearty. Due to the minimum number of ingredients in the taste of the finished dish, the nut note of avocado is clearly felt - soft cheese and citrus note of lemon emphasize it as best as possible. For the recipe, it is better to use avocados of medium ripeness so that the cut pieces keep their shape and do not turn into puree. If desired, slices of bread can be pre-dried in a toaster, oven or frying pan without oil.
5 min
3 servings


  • Rye bread
    3 pcs
  • Avocado
    1 pcs
  • Feta cheese
    50 g
  • Cherry tomatoes
    1-2 pcs
  • Lemon
    0.25 pcs
  • Olives
    5 pcs
  • Black pepper
    - to taste
  • Dill
    - to taste


  • 1. Cut rye bread into slices 1 cm thick. Cut the avocado into halves, remove the stone and clean the flesh from the peel. Cut avocados into slices 5 mm thick, and then put on bread slices. Spray with lemon juice so that avocado sandwiches (recipes with photos attached) do not darken.
  • 2. Cut feta cheese into small pieces and put it on a sandwich.
  • 3. Wash cherry tomatoes, cut into thin rings and put over cheese.
  • 4. Cut pitted green olives into thin rings and put on a sandwich. Season the snack with black ground pepper.
  • 5. Put dill on top of the avocado - the sandwich is ready! Serve the snack immediately after preparation.

    Bon Appetite!