photo: Chicken breast with tomatoes and cheese

Chicken breast with tomatoes and cheese

There is a great number of options for cooking chicken breast. But not each housewive can cook really juicy, tender and delicious chicken. The point here is not in the culinary abilities. Chicken simply has a fairly neutral taste, so it should be supplemented with brighter flavours. Aromatic spices and herbs, various sauces and fresh vegetables can turn "flat" chicken in a real culinary masterpiece. Chicken breast with tomatoes under a layer of tasty browned melted cheese – is a vivid example of a win-win cooking of chicken meat. It comes out really tasty and nourishing. Therefore, in most cases, this dish need not any garnish, because it has quite self-sufficient taste and nutritional value.


  • Chicken
    3 pcs
  • Tomato
    3 pcs
  • Onion
    1 pcs
  • Cheese
    100 g
  • Mayonnaise
    4 tbsp
  • Mustard
    1 tsp
  • Salt
    - to taste


  • 1. Start with a light beating of chicken breast. Take a piece of cling film and lay it on a wooden surface. Then put chicken fillet on the film , cover with another piece and then beat meat easily (without fanaticism). The purpose of this beating is not to flatten the fillets until thin, but just to level the thickness of the piece. It should be noted that the use of a film is necessarily, as chicken has a very delicate structure and it may just break under a meat tenderizer.
  • 2. Remove the film with a broken breast and season the meat with salt and aromatic ground pepper.
  • 3. Clean an onion and chop it into thin half-rings. If the onion is very "evil", then it should be scalded with boiling water.
  • 4. Cut tomatoes into thin half rings.
  • 5. Rub cheese on a large grater.
  • 6. Lay the prepared breast on a baking sheet, the surface of which is either smeared with a thin layer of vegetable oil or layed with baking parchment. It is better to use parchment. It will not let the released meat juice burn, and the meat will be removed without problems. Then add mayonnaise, mustard and generously grease each piece.
  • 7. Then lay the onion half rings on the meat.
  • 8. Distribute the tomato slices over the onion.
  • 9. And cover it all with grated cheese. Bake chicken with tomatoes and cheese at 180-190 degrees. The cooking time is approximately 30-35 minutes. When the cheese layer is melted and brown a little, you can you get the cooking sheet with prepared chicken breast from the oven.
  • 10. Shift the mouth-watering chops under cheese either on one capacious dish or into several plates, decorate with parsley and serve immediately. This chicken meat is infinitely tender and juicy.