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Apricot Jam

Let’s prepare tasty apricot jam (a recipe for five minutes without stones) with whole halves of fruits and thick amber syrup. Jam is very fragrant and moderately sweet. Thanks to the fast method of preparation, fruits keep not only their taste and color, but also the maximum amount of vitamins. Delicious and fragrant fruit soaked in syrup can be served for tea, pancakes or cheesecakes, as well as used to impregnate sponge. For a recipe, it is better to use fresh, dense and sweet fruits without any damages. If desired, the jam can be supplemented with a cinnamon stick or a small amount of lemon zest.
30 min


  • Apricot
    1 kg
  • Sugar
    1 kg


  • 1. Sort out fresh fruits and wash carefully. Separate each apricot into halves and remove the stone. Cut the fruits into slices, transfer to a deep pan with a thick bottom.
  • 2. Add sugar to apricots.
  • 3. Thoroughly mix the fruit with sugar. Cover the pan with a dry towel and leave the jam preparation for 10-12 hours.
  • 4. During this time, apricots will release juice, and sugar will dissolve.
  • 5. Put a pan with apricots on a high fire. Bring the apricot jam to a boil and remove the foam with skimming dish.
  • 6. Reduce the fire to a minimum and boil jam for 5 minutes. Carefully transfer the hot jam into dry sterilized jars.
  • 7. Let's cover jars with jam with sterile lids. Tightly roll jars with apricot jam with a machine, turn them upside down and cover them with a plaid. Let's leave the preparations for one day until they cool down completely. Store the finished apricot jam in a cool dark place.

    Bon Appetite!
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