photo: Mushroom Canapes

Mushroom Canapes

Dear friends, I continue to share with you recipes for mushroom canapes ideas. Previously, we have already prepared canapes with marinated mushrooms, crab sticks and cucumber. Today I suggest making canapes with mushrooms, salami and olives on the skewer. Thanks to the unusual serving, the snack looks original and appetizing. Canapes are very tasty and hearty. They are ideal for buffet and other festive events. Such a snack is popular with adults and children. By the way, for the preparation of canapes you can use marinated champignons, the recipe is on the site.
10 min


  • Marinated champignons
    200 g
  • Rye bread
    3-4 pcs
  • Salami
    100 g
  • Cream cheese
    50 g
  • Olives
    10 pcs
  • Parsley
    - to taste


  • 1. Using a cookie ring or a narrow glass, let’s cut 4 cm diameter circles from rye bread.
  • 2. Drain champignons from marinade and string mushrooms on skewer.
  • 3. Cut salami into thin slices. Roll the salami circles into halves and put the olive inside. Let's string salami with an olive on the skewer, as in the photo of mushroom canape recipe. Now it remains only to form our festive mushroom canapes appetizers.
  • 4. Put parsley leaves on cheese-greased slices of rye bread. Now stick the skewer in slices of bread. The snack is ready!
  • 5. Canapes with marinated champignons can be served immediately after cooking or stored in the fridge until guests arrive.

    Bon Appetite!