photo: Cottage Cheese Buns

Cottage Cheese Buns

Today we cook very tasty buns in an oven with cottage cheese. The tender yeast dough combined with a sweet cottage cheese filling makes this pastry incredibly tasty. The dough according to this recipe is very tasty, fluffy and soft. It is very easy to knead and roll, does not stick to the hands and holds the shape well. Therefore, it is very convenient to form different sweet buns, pies, rolls and cakes from it. This amount of dough is enough for 12 medium-sized buns. For this recipe, I used cottage cheese with a fat content of 5%. If you use granular cottage cheese, first grate it through a sieve so that the filling is more tender. If desired, raisins or finely cut dried fruits can be added to the cottage cheese filling.
120 min


  • Whole wheat flour
    450 g
  • Milk
    200 ml
  • Butter
    50 g
  • Sunflower oil
    20 ml
  • Egg
    2 pcs
  • Sugar
    175 g
  • fresh yeast
    21 g
  • Cottage cheese
    400 g
  • Vanillin
    2 pinch
  • salt
    0.5 g

Easy Sweet Cottage Cheese Buns


  • 1. First let’s make the pre-dough. In a deep bowl, combine crushed fresh yeast and 1 tablespoon of sugar.
  • 2. Let's add warm milk to the obtained mixture, add 2 tablespoons of sifted wheat flour. Mix thoroughly. Let's leave the pre-dough for 15 minutes in a warm place.
  • 3. After this time, the yeast is activated and the pre-dough will increase in size by 2-3 times.
  • 4. In a deep bowl, combine the remaining sugar and one chicken egg. Whip the mixture with a mixer until a fluffy light mass is obtained.
  • 5. Melt butter in a microwave oven or on a stove and cool to room temperature. Let's add sunflower oil and butter to the dough, mix the mixture with a mixer.
  • 6. Now let’s add the increased pre-dough to the dough, mix the mixture with a spoon or a rubber spatula, following the recipe for cottage cheese buns in the oven.
  • 7. In several steps add sifted wheat flour into the dough, each time mixing the dough until homogeneous consistency.
  • 8. Let’s transfer the dough to the working surface and knead it for 5-7 minutes so that it becomes smooth and elastic. Transfer the yeast dough to a ware, greased with vegetable oil and cover with a dry towel or food film. Let's leave the dough in a warm place for 1-1.5 hours.
  • 9. After the specified time, the dough will increase in size by 2 times. Let's knead it with hands and divide into 12 equal parts. From each piece of dough we will form a ball, cover the blanks with a towel and leave them for 10 minutes.
  • 10. In the meantime, let’s make a filling. Combine cottage cheese, sugar (100 g), vanillin and 1 chicken egg. Mix thoroughly.
  • 11. Now let’s form buns with cottage cheese. Roll each dough ball into an oval with a thickness of 5 mm. On both sides of the dough make a small cut with a knife, as in the photo. Put a tablespoon of filling in the center of the blank.
  • 12. In turn, wrap the edges of the dough to the center, forming a bun with a small hole in the middle. In this way form all blanks.
  • 13. Put the blanks on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Grease the buns with a whipped egg so that the buns with cottage cheese in the oven, the photos of which you see below, become blush during preparation.
  • 14. Send the buns to a heated oven up to 180 degrees. In 20-25 minutes, yeast buns with cottage cheese will redden and be ready.
  • 15. Chill ready-made pastries a little and serve with milk, tea or coffee.
  • 16. Bon Appetite!