photo: Chicken Cutlets

Chicken Cutlets

Today we prepare delicious chicken cheese cutlets. As a result, juicy and fragrant cutlets with melting filling are obtained. Delicate chicken meat is perfectly combined with the creamy taste of cheese. To make the products more juicy, I add white bread slices to the mince, previously soaked in milk. Parsley and garlic cloves give breaded chicken cutlets a special taste and aroma, so I strongly recommend adding them to mince for cutlets. Chicken cutlets can be served with vegetable puree or various cereals. You can also prepare noodles or make vegetable salad. For easy chicken cutlets recipes, choose hard cheese with a high percentage of fat so that it melts well during preparation.
30 min


  • Chicken fillet
    350 g
  • White bread
    2 pcs
  • Cheese
    150 g
  • Milk
    100 ml
  • Egg yolks
    1 pcs
  • Onion
    1 pcs
  • Garlic
    2 clove
  • Vegetable oil
    50 ml
  • Bread crumbs
    2 tbsp
  • Seasoning for chicken
    0.5 tsp
  • Salt
    - to taste
  • Black pepper
    - to taste
  • Parsley
    30 g

Homemade Chicken Cutlets


  • 1. Pour slices of white bread with cold milk and leave for 5 minutes.
  • 2. Wash chicken fillet, clean from fat and skins. Cut the meat into pieces of medium size, transfer the chicken fillet into a bowl of blender. Add large-cut onion, garlic cloves, parsley and white bread squeezed from milk to the meat.
  • 3. Grind the mixture into homogenous mince, transfer it to a deep bowl. Add 1 chicken yolk, salt and ground spices to the mixture. Mix the mince until homogeneous consistency, following chicken cutlets recipe.
  • 4. Cut hard cheese into bars. From a small amount of mince let’s form a flat cake, put a piece of hard cheese in the center. Form chicken cutlets so that the cheese is inside the mince. Coat russian cutlets in crushed breadcrumbs.
  • 5. In this way form all the blanks. From the specified number of ingredients, I got 8 medium-sized cutlets. Put the cutlets in a frying pan with pre-heated vegetable oil. Fry the products to a golden brown on all sides.
  • 6. Chicken cutlets with cheese inside are ready. Serve them immediately after cooking, while the cheese inside remains melted. Additionally, sour cream sauce or spicy ketchup can be served..
  • 7. Bon Appetite!