photo: Puff Pastry Cookies

Puff Pastry Cookies

Love simple and fast recipes? Puff pastry - baking without hassle. It is enough only to get the finished dough from the fridge in advance so that it unfreezes and becomes elastic. From the puff pastry you can prepare a lot of tasty, soft and fluffy pastries with a salty or sweet filling. The site already has roses with apples made of puff pastry, cottage cheese and lemon zest turnovers and puffs with pears and walnuts. Today I propose to prepare simple and very fragrant cookies with cocoa and ground cinnamon from puff pastry. Homemade pastries are very crispy and layered and just melt in the mouth.
30 min


  • Puff pastry
    500 g
  • Cocoa powder
    2 tbsp
  • Sugar
    4 tbsp
  • Ground cinnamon
    1 tsp
  • Whole wheat flour
    1 tbsp

Easy Puff Pastry Cookies


  • 1. In a deep bowl, combine sugar, cocoa powder sifted through a sieve and ground cinnamon. Mix the dry ingredients until homogeneous consistency.
  • 2. Take the puff pastry out of the fridge in advance so that it unfreezes and becomes elastic. On the working surface dusted with flour, roll the dough into a rectangular layer with a thickness of 3 mm. On top, evenly distribute the sugar filling, as required by recipes for simple baking from puff pastry.
  • 3. Roll the dough with filling into a dense roll. With a sharp knife, cut the roll into segments 2-3 cm wide. As a result, I got 12 blanks.
  • 4. Let's put them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper at a short distance from each other.
  • 5. Send the baking sheet to a pre-heated oven up to 180 degrees. In 12-15 minutes, sweet pastries from the puff pastry (recipes with photos attached) will be ready.
  • 6. During this time, the cookies will increase in size, and the sugar filling will caramelize. Let’s cool the finished cookies to room temperature and serve with tea or coffee.
  • 7. Bon Appetite!