photo: Baked Potato with Mushrooms

Baked Potato with Mushrooms

Taken as a base inexpensive and affordable ingredients, you can create an amazing dish: tender, fragrant, melting in the mouth. No, it is not dessert or French delicacy - it is perfect baked potato and mushrooms in sour cream sauce. Such a dish can be for sure served on the festive table as a side dish for grilled meat or baked poultry. It turns out very tasty and appetizing. For the potato and mushrooms recipe, any mushrooms can be used, for example, champignons, oyster mushrooms or white mushrooms. Note that forest mushrooms must be previously soaked in salted water, and then boiled until ready with the addition of onions.
60 min


  • Potato
    1 kg
  • Champignon
    400 g
  • Onion
    2 pcs
  • Cheese
    150 g
  • Sour cream
    150 g
  • Water
    150 ml
  • Olive oil
    30 ml
  • Italian herb
    0.5 tsp
  • Dill
    15 g
  • Parsley
    15 g
  • Salt
    - to taste

Potato and Mushroom Bake


  • 1. Wash the potatoes, peel and cut them into rings 3-4 mm thick.
  • 2. Wash fresh champignons and cut into slices. Peel onions from husks and cut into thin half-rings.
  • 3. Mix sour cream with warm water or chicken broth, add salt to taste.
  • 4. Grease heat-resistant form for baking with olive oil. On the bottom of the form let’s put a thin layer of raw potatoes, about 1/3 part of the total.
  • 5. Over the potatoes, put 1/3 part of the onions.
  • 6. Then put into form 1/3 part of fresh champignons. Season the ingredients with salt and ground spices so that easy baked potatoes with mushrooms become more fragrant.
  • 7. Alternating layers of potatoes, onions and mushrooms, put all the ingredients in a baking form. Pour vegetables and champignons with sour cream.
  • 8. Cover the form for baking with a lid or food foil, send it to a heated up to 180 degrees oven. After 35-40 minutes, baked potatoes with mushrooms in the oven will become soft and crumbling. Evenly distribute grated hard cheese over potatoes with mushrooms. Without covering the ware with a lid or foil, return it to the oven for 5 minutes so that the grated cheese melts.
  • 9. Decorate the finished dish with fresh dill and serve hot.
  • 10. Bon Appetite!